Rush Creek Wedding Ceremony

Rush Creek Wedding Ceremony

Happy New Year everyone! Joannie & I closed out the 2018 wedding year with a bang at Ryan and Kayla’s fantastic wedding at Rush Creek Golf Club in Maple Grove, MN.

A pretty B&W candid of the couple taken before their Rush Creek wedding ceremony.

A pretty wedding candid of Ryan and Kayla.

Just before 2019 rolled in, Ryan and Kayla were married in a stunning Rush Creek wedding ceremony, and we have some of the very pretty highlights for you!

Their highlight music video (at the bottom of this post) begins with some of the getting ready photographs leading into the first look Kayla had with her dad and brother. There were certainly some tears, mixed with many hugs and some laughter too.

Wedding detail photo of the brides shoes and jewelry.

Kayla’s pretty wedding accessories.

Ryan’s first look followed and it gave us a pretty good idea of what was still to come. This was going to be a great wedding!

The groom waiting for his first look a few hours prior to their Rush Creek wedding ceremony.

Ryan awaits his first look with Kayla.

Family and Wedding Party

After the first looks, we got to work capturing some really nice wedding photos of Ryan and Kayla, followed by the wedding party, and then we got started on the family photos. However, we had to call a time-out before the family photographs concluded.

Bridal portrait featuring the back of the brides pretty wedding gown. Photo was taken before their Rush Creek wedding ceremony.

The back of Kayla’s pretty wedding gown. Ryan looks pretty good too!

The sun was getting low in the sky, and we just had to make at least one trip outside.

A Fairytale Winter Scene

Ryan and Kayla are apparently big fans of winter! After all, I created their engagement photographs with them at Minnehaha Falls in the wintertime. And now we’re photographing their wedding in the wintertime too! I wonder if they will buy a snow making machine someday?

Their wedding was just a couple of days after the ice and snow storm that hit the Twin Cities area. While it wasn’t a very pretty storm up by our studio in the northern metro, the western suburbs were covered with frosty snow. As we got closer to Rush Creek, it just kept getting prettier and prettier. There was only one problem. It was very, very cold outside!

A stunning winter wedding photograph taken shortly before the couples' Rush Creek wedding ceremony.

Ryan and Kayla in a stunning winter wonderland photograph!

With wind chill temps well below zero, anything we did outside would have to be done fairly quick. After their Rush Creek wedding ceremony it would be dark out, so this was our best chance to take advantage of this pretty canvas that Mother Nature gave us.

We were probably outside for less than 10 minutes, but the images we captured in that short time are some of the prettiest winter wedding photos that Joannie and I have ever created in our 32 years as professional wedding photographers. It was just stunning outside!

Back Inside Rush Creek

We got Ryan and Kayla back indoors, warmed them up a bit, and finished up the remaining family portraits. Then, just as the sun was setting, we made another quick trip back out in the winter wonderland for some cool (quite literally) sunset photos.

A pretty winter sunset photo taken moments before the couples' Rush Creek wedding ceremony.

A “cool” (literally) sunset at Rush Creek Golf Club.

After our rendezvous with the sunset, it was almost time for their Rush Creek wedding ceremony. And what a beautiful wedding ceremony it was too!

With wonderful music by Paul Imholte, and officiated beautifully by the Reverend Taire Starr, their candlelit Rush Creek wedding ceremony was really very pretty. At the conclusion, we had Minnesota’s newest newlyweds in our midst! Very nice!

The Supporting Cast

Before we go any farther, it’s important that we mention two other wedding vendors that we worked with at this awesome wedding. First, Ryan and Kayla had the best florist in the Twin Cities, Shelli DeBilzan of Forever In Bloom. Shelli is the best, bar none.

Then there’s Brad Rich, owner and creative genius at A.B. Rich Films. His videography skill set is as good as it gets. It was really awesome working with these two very gifted pros once again!

Much More To Come

As you might have guessed, the fun did not stop at the conclusion to their Rush Creek wedding ceremony. Not even close.

Ryan and Kayla had one heck of a beautiful wedding reception right there at Rush Creek Golf Club. We’ll be sharing those highlights in the coming days in “Part Two”.

In the meantime, please enjoy their “Part One” highlight music video below. Thank you for reading our post and Happy New Year to you all! – M&J

“Rush Creek Wedding Ceremony” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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