Mississippi Gardens Wedding Ceremony

Leopold’s Mississippi Gardens Wedding Ceremony & More

After sharing “Part One” of Corey and Ashley’s Leopold’s Mississippi Gardens wedding a few days ago, it’s now time to share their Mississippi Gardens wedding ceremony photos! This was a really beautiful wedding ceremony right there on the pretty shoreline of the Mississippi River.

S\As you’ll see in their music video, the first Mississippi Gardens wedding ceremony photographs were of the wedding site itself. Everything was truly stunning, from the smallest details to the biggest ones, it was nearly perfect. Yes, it could have been warmer and quite frankly, less windy, but it was still an incredibly sweet ceremony.

It Is Time

Corey, the parents, and the wedding party all made the pretty walk down the hill to the river. Then it was Ashley’s turn. She was escorted down the hill and up the aisle by her brother, Matt. With Joannie up on the hill and me down below, we were able to capture some really beautiful and unique wedding processional photos. I just love this one that Joannie captured from up on the hill.

Mississippi Gardens wedding ceremony photos from up above of the bride coming down the aisle.

A unique view of Ashley and her brother walking down the aisle.

This was a wedding ceremony that had a lot of emotional moments as well as some funny ones too. One of my favorites was during their wedding vows (which they wrote) when Corey got so excited at what Ashley had said to him that he tried to kiss her! Wait! It was just a bit too early for that part of the ceremony. Corey did get his chance a little while later when he was supposed to, at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Mississippi Gardens wedding ceremony photos of the bride and groom sharing a laugh during the ring exchange.

A funny moment during Corey and Ashley’s ring exchange.

Party Time!

At the ceremony’s conclusion, Corey and Ashley greeted all of their wedding guests in a receiving line up at the top of the hill. At the conclusion of the receiving line, we snuck in a few more pretty images of the newlyweds, including this beauty.

Mississippi Gardens wedding ceremony photos of the bride on a swing.

Corey gives Ashley a kiss while she’s on “her swing”.

The reception, dinner, and dance followed on what was an amazing wedding day! Corey and Ashley entered the ballroom to a huge applause. A little dip-n-kiss on the dance floor seemed pretty appropriate.

Mississippi Gardens wedding photos of the groom dipping the bride on the dance floor.

Corey and Ashley share a kiss on the dance floor during the Grand March.

Still More To Come

A huge thank you to Corey and Ashley for asking Joannie and me as your wedding photographers. We love you guys! In a few more days, we’ll be sharing a pretty cool light painted wedding photograph of you guys. I can say that it’s looking pretty cool!

We’ve made another cute music video with many of our favorite Mississippi Gardens wedding ceremony pictures, reception, and dance photos from this awesome wedding. We thank you for reading our post and hope you have a great one! – M&J

“Mississippi Gardens Wedding Ceremony” – © 2018 Michael Anderson Photography.

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