Rum River Wedding

Rum River Wedding In Anoka

Last Friday afternoon, I had the honor of photographing Jerome and Connie’s Rum River wedding in downtown Anoka, Minnesota. It was a beautiful late summer afternoon, and some of the early fall colors were on display. The honorable Judge Jenny Walker Jasper was on hand to officiate their wedding ceremony right there on the banks of the Rum River in Anoka.

Wedding ceremony on the Rum River in Anoka, MN.

The ladies.

Rum River wedding ceremony photo in downtown Anoka, Minnesota.

The boys.

At the conclusion of the wedding ceremony and the signing of the official paperwork, I captured a fun group wedding photo with Judge Jenny along with everyone else in attendance. A short time later, I began taking wedding party photos starting with the ladies.

The girls in particular were a lot of fun to photograph, with no two images exactly the same. It was like a modeling session! Connie and the girls could change their poses and expressions in an instant and I enjoyed that a lot.

A large group wedding photo of everyone in attendance.

Jerome, Connie, and all of their wedding party and guests!

Fall Was In The Air

While not a warm day, it was pretty comfortable if you stood in the sun for a minute or two to warm up. Because it was so sunny, I had Lightning McQueen with me so I could easily take my lights with me from spot to spot. I really love the images of Jerome and Connie along the riverwalk. This is where Connie put on her “posing demo” for me. Very nice!

A really cute wedding photo of the bride and groom on the Rum River in Anoka, MN.

The newlyweds! Mr. and Mrs. Nierengarten!

We concluded their wedding photography with a few more fun wedding party photos along the banks of the Rum River, including some fun shots of their ring bearer adlibbing it just a little bit.

A fun wedding party photo taken in the park in downtown Anoka, MN.

Jerome, Connie, and their wedding party on a beautiful Minnesota day!

The Movie

As I always do for each of our newlyweds, I’ve put together a cute music video with a bunch of my favorite images from the wedding. I want to thank Jerome and Connie for entrusting me with your wedding photography and I look forward to creating your wedding album once you select your favorite images. Thanks, guys! – Michael

“Rum River Wedding” – © 2020 Michael Anderson Photography.

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