Royal Cliff Wedding

Royal Cliff Wedding Reception of Tony and Sara

Part Two of the wedding day highlights for Tony and Sara Morelli. They were married Saturday at Hoversten Chapel on the beautiful campus of Augsburg College in downtown Minneapolis, MN.

We left off in Part One right at the conclusion of their wedding ceremony and the newlyweds were coming down the aisle as husband and wife!

We begin this wedding highlight music video with a nice wedding photo of Sara and several of her coworkers right after the receiving line concluded. Then a minor miracle happened; the rain actually stopped and the sun made a couple of brief appearances! Time to go outside and have some fun!

Bride and groom kissing on the Augsburg College campus.

Tony and Sara on the Augsburg College campus.

Watching the weather radar, we knew this was going to be short-lived, so the wedding party hopped in the limo bus and went a whopping two blocks to the Augsburg Seminary. A beautiful historic building with a wonderful exterior for wedding photography.

More Rain On The Way

With more rain on the way, we worked quickly to get some very nice wedding party photos in some pretty wonderful light, as well as a few fun wedding video clips of this great wedding party having a little fun together on the front steps and in the wonderful entryway to the Augsburg Seminary.

We even had a moment to catch Tony and Sara talking a little stroll before (and during) the rain that started back up once again!

Black and white wedding photo of a bride and groom walking in the rain under an umbrella. Photo taken on the campus of Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN.

A little stroll in the rain!

With the rain arriving on the scene, it was time to head towards their Royal Cliff wedding reception. With a brief stop at a nearby store to buy more “milk and cookies” for the wedding party, if you know what I mean. Meanwhile, Tony and Sara jumped off their limo to get a couple of candid wedding photos (the rain stopping once again) by a cool painted scene on one of the buildings just across the street from the “bakery”.

Royal Cliff Wedding Reception

Upon arrival at Tony and Sara’s Royal Cliff wedding reception, Joannie got to work taking some pretty wedding photos of the many pretty table decorations and some of the other nice little decorative touches and I got all set up for the Grand March and the many fun events that were to follow.

Royal Cliff wedding reception photograph of the pretty head table decorations.

It’s “official!” Mr. and Mrs. Morelli!

Tony and Sara’s Royal Cliff wedding reception continues with many of the traditional wedding events, cake cutting, great toasts by Sara’s sister Christy, the Maid of Honor and by Tony’s brother and Best Man, Thomas. That was followed by three of Tony’s college roommates giving Sara some “advice” about living with Tony and the both dads gave short and funny speeches too!

Sometimes You Just Gotta Dance

Then it was time for the party to get started! Tony and Sara started it off with their first dance as husband and wife. A very pretty start to the dance, but not very traditional it turns out! After about two minutes of “traditional”, it became a whole new ballgame as Sara and Tony’s song abruptly changed and Sara and “Twinkle Toes” Tony put on a show for their wedding guests!

We knew that Sara can dance as she was on the Augsburg Dance Team with our daughter Michelle. But as the dark horse, Tony really surprised me! That boy can dance!

There are several fun stills and video clips of these two puttin’ on a fun show for us all to enjoy. There was even a “flip” by Tony that Joannie captured in mid-air. Of course, it had to happen right when I was switching from my video camera to my still camera, but Joannie (and Tony) nailed it!

The Summer Olympics are coming soon Tony!

Groom does a flip during the bride and grooms first dance at their Royal Cliff wedding reception in Eagan, MN.

Tony “flips” for Sara!

This was just a really great wedding day all around. Another long-time friend gets married to a great guy and Joannie and I get to capture it for them. I don’t know what could be more rewarding than that.

Tony and Sara, thank you for your wonderful friendship and for trusting us to be your wedding photographers too! Have a blast in Italy on your honeymoon and we look forward to seeing you when you get home. There are lots more great wedding photographs to show you two! – M&J

Royal Cliff Wedding Reception of Tony and Sara” ©2014 Michael Anderson Photography.

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