Red Wing Wedding Photography

Red Wing Wedding Photography

It’s time to share some of Anne and Michael’s Red Wing wedding photography! These two were married on September 21st on what turned out to be a fantastic day weather-wise, despite what the weatherman predicted! It was supposed to rain but it thankfully did not, in fact, it was perfect outside!

A pretty light painted wedding photograph of the bride and groom's wedding rings, wedding invitation, and bouquet.

A cool light painted wedding photo of the couple’s wedding rings, wedding invitation, and her pretty bouquet.

Over the years, Joannie and I have photographed many weddings in Red Wing, Minnesota. Red Wing, MN is a haven for great wedding and portrait photography!

For those of you that have never been there, it’s a wonderful historic town on the Mississippi River that’s full of great locations to see (and photograph). In many ways, it reminds me of Stillwater, Minnesota on the St. Croix River. It’s very quaint, full of fun places to see, lots of great restaurants, and many scenic spots too.

Red Wing wedding photography of the cute couple on a park bench in LaGrange Park.

Michael gives Anne a little kiss on the forehead in LaGrange Park.

The Saint James Hotel

Most of Anne and Michael’s wedding day was held at the historic St. James Hotel right there in downtown Red Wing, MN. Upon our arrival, we set up for Michael’s first look in the pretty Victorian Room at the St. James. As Michael was looking away from the door, Anne entered and walked up and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around to see his pretty bride in her beautiful wedding gown!

We took advantage of the nice window light in that room and created quite a few bridal portraits of Anne and Michael right there where they just had their first look. The light, just like Michael and Anne, was perfect!

Then Anne and Michael were escorted upstairs so that we could create this fun photograph on the balcony overlooking the Mississippi River. The unusual part about the photo is that there is no door leading outside. Anne and Michael had to crawl out the window of the hotel! (Be sure to watch the highlight music video below.)

Red Wing wedding photography of the cute couple sharing a kiss on the balcony at the St. James Hotel.

Michael and Anne share a kiss (after crawling through the window) on the balcony at the St. James Hotel.

LaGrange Park

B&W Red Wing wedding photography of the bride & groom with both sets of parents in LaGrange Park.

A nice candid photo of Anne & Michael with their parents taken in LaGrange Park.

Photographs of both families and the wedding party were next on the agenda. And since it didn’t rain as was predicted, Joannie and I took everyone right across the street to pretty LaGrange Park. We spent more than an hour there created tons of nice family portraits, candid wedding photos, fun wedding party pictures, and some cool images of our bride and groom too!

Red Wing wedding photography of the bride, groom, and their wedding party in LaGrange Park.

Michael, Anne, and their wedding party on the steps in LaGrange Park.

That’s where we’ll stop for now. In the coming days, we’ll have their cute wedding ceremony from up in the Summit Banquet Room at the St. James Hotel, followed by their fun social hour in the Victorian Dining Room, and then back up to the Summit for a wonderful dinner and dancing!

Candid black and white Red Wing wedding photography of the bride, groom, and their wedding party in LaGrange Park.

Michael and Anne share a kiss while their wedding party ignores them “just a little bit”.

Oh yeah, and two more of our one-of-kind light painted wedding photographs! One is pretty sweet (literally) because it involves two cake pops, and the other is pretty cool because we created it in the bar (with patrons) at The Port located in the cellar at the St. James. I haven’t even started working on that one yet!

There’s A Movie

We hope you’ve enjoyed Anne and Michael’s wedding photos in Red Wing, MN. As always, we’ve put together a cute highlight music video with the events leading up to their wedding ceremony. It’s just a few minutes long with many, many great wedding photographs created in pretty Red Wing, MN.

“Red Wing Wedding Photography” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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