Real Easter Bunnies 2015

Highlights from three more cute kids portrait sessions with our real Easter bunnies Hopper & Snowball!

Our leadoff hitter, Miss Olivia, is as cute as can be. Olivia has been to our Mounds View Photo Studio before for her adorable newborn portraits when she was just six days old. Joannie and I had the tremendous honor of being the wedding photographers for her mommy & daddy back in October of 2012!

One year old Olivia and her 2015 real Easter Bunny photos.

Miss Olivia is very excited to meet Hopper & Snowball!

Olivia was so excited to see and touch our little bunnies Hopper & Snowball. She had a blast! Her adorable highlight video is right here:

Next up we have nineteen-month-old identical twins, Nolan and Davin. We also had the honor of taking the wedding photographs of their mommy & daddy too!

These two active little dudes also were here for their Easter Bunny portraits last year when they were just seven months old. They were a lot less active last year I can tell you! Just getting them both in the same part of the studio let alone interacting at the same time with the bunnies was a major feat!

Mission accomplished, but it took some serious footwork from mom and dad! I’m pretty sure they both do rodeo work on the weekends; they really know how to corral those little buggers!

Eighteen month old twins Nolan & Davin and their 2015 real Easter Bunny photos.

Nolan & Davin check out Hopper & Snowball.

I’m sure that mom and dad (and Nolan & Davin) sleep very well at night after chasing these two dudes all day long! Their fun filled Easter music video can be enjoyed right here:

Thursday’s final portraits with our real Easter Bunnies showcases two super cute cousins, two-year-old “JJ” & seven-month-old Lauren.

JJ was a bit apprehensive about Hopper & Snowball, but he did enjoy his time with our little bunnies. Lauren, on the other hand, couldn’t keep her hands off of them (when she could reach them)! Very fun to see the different approaches to live bunnies.

Easter portrait of JJ and Lauren and our Real Easter Bunnies.

Easter portrait of JJ and Lauren and our Real Easter Bunnies.

“JJ” & Lauren’s super cute Easter Bunny music video can be enjoyed below. Very cute & very fun.

Well, that wraps up Thursday’s three Easter portrait sessions with real Easter Bunnies. We’ll have more cute kids and their Easter portraits from today’s and tomorrow’s bunny sessions coming soon!

Enjoy and have a Happy Easter!

Important Information about our Easter Bunny Portraits For 2015:

Each of our wonderful clients is donating either a $30 or $50 “session fee” (and sometimes more) to help us raise money for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf in New Brighton, Minnesota. Because of our efforts and our wonderful client’s generosity, we hope to raise a bunch of money to those in need! A big thank you in advance to all of you for making this a successful fundraising every year!

“Real Easter Bunnies 2015” – All Images & Videos ©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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