2015 Live Bunny Easter Portraits

Highlights from Friday’s live bunny Easter portraits to raise money for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf in New Brighton, MN.

Maria and Russell Visit The Bunnies

First up on Friday morning we had two sweet kids, six-year-old Maria and her one and a half-year-old brother Russell. These two kids paid a visit to our Mounds View portrait studio for their bunny portraits last year too!

A sister and brother having fun with two real bunnies during their live bunny Easter portraits for 2015.

Maria and her brother Russell really loved visiting with Hopper & Snowball.

Both of them just loved hanging out and holding Hopper & Snowball. Their sweet Easter portrait music video can be enjoyed here:

Brynlee and Logan Meet Hopper and Snowball

Next up we have two fun loving’ cousins, two-year-old Brynlee and her cousin Logan. Logan was also here to celebrate his third birthday with some special birthday portraits too!

Two cousins posing with two real bunnies during their live bunny Easter portraits for 2015.

Logan & Brynlee pose together “very briefly” with Hopper & Snowball.

These two kids have been to “Uncle Mike’s” portrait studio many, many times before. In fact, both of them have been here since their very beginnings for their newborn portraits. You can enjoy Logan’s here and Miss Brynlee’s here.

Miss Brynlee was just here a couple of weeks ago for her two-year-old portraits! Nice.

Bunny portraits bring many different emotions to kids. From happy in various degrees; anything from sort of happy to extremely happy all the way to ecstatic, apprehension, scared, timid and everything else in between. For Logan, it was happy, quite a bit so. For Brynlee, not so much.

Mom, auntie and “Uncle Mike” tried every trick in the book to attempt getting our little Brynlee to get “anywhere near” Hopper & Snowball. It worked for about ten seconds at one point and those are the very few images you see in the music video, including the image above. Hey, we got something when it looked like we were going to get skunked!

As I mentioned, Logan was also here for his three-year-old portraits. So there are lots of great kid’s portraits of my little friend mixed in their music video as well. I really love the image below in his Minnesota Twins outfit tossing a baseball in the air. Very cute.

Logan in his Minnesota Twins baseball outfit for his three year old portraits.

Logan loves the Minnesota Twins!

Here’s the music video I’ve created from Logan and Brynlee’s live bunny Easter portraits for 2015 (with lots of the birthday boy)!

Addie and The Bunnies

Next up, really, really cute two-year-old Addie!

Cute two year old Addie having fun with two real bunnies during her live bunny Easter portraits for 2015.

Adorable little Addie gives Hopper a kiss!

Addie hit the bunny emotion scales at the “Extremely Happy” level and I’m nearly certain she could have stayed in the studio all day! Her sweet “bunny kissing” live bunny Easter portraits music video is right here:

Looking Good Silas!

Our best-dressed award for Friday’s bunny portraits would have to go to eighteen-month-old Silas! Not that anybody else was poorly dressed, he just took it up a notch or two with his dress pants, dress shoes, vest, handkerchief, dress shirt and matching tie that’s all.

Eighteen month old Silas having fun with two real bunnies during his live bunny Easter portraits for 2015.

Silas having “a screaming good time” with Hopper & Snowball!

Silas smoked the bunny emotion scales at or even above the “Ecstatic” level! He was so happy playing with Hopper and Snowball that you could probably hear his screams of excitement outside our home studio! It was very fun to witness and to photograph and I know you’ll enjoy his live bunny Easter photos a lot!

Three Cousins and The Bunnies

Friday’s live bunny Easter portraits finale was the trio of cousins you see below. Jamie brought his sister Riley and their cousin Skylan along for their Easter portraits together with the bunnies.

Jamie, Riley & Skylan pose with two real bunnies during their live bunny Easter portraits for 2015.

Jamie, Riley and their cousin Skylan pose with Hopper & Snowball.

All three of them loved hanging out with Hopper & Snowball, especially the girls. As you’re about to see in their Easter portrait music video, there’s some “bunny kissing” going on! Fun!

Well, there’s just one day left with our bunnies Hopper and Snowball. They head back to their top secret “bunny house” just in time for Easter. But first, they have a few more kids to make happy with their Easter portraits today. We’ll show you those fun Easter portraits in a day or two. Until then, enjoy these fun kid’s portraits with our bunnies and have a Happy Easter!

Important Information about our Easter Bunny Portraits

Each of our wonderful clients is donating either a $30 or $50 “session fee” (and sometimes more) to help us raise money for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf in New Brighton, Minnesota. Because of our efforts and our wonderful clients’ generosity, we hope to raise a bunch of money to those in need! A big thank you in advance to all of you for making this a successful fundraising every year!

“2015 Live Bunny Easter Portraits” – ©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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