Portrait of a Three Year Old

In today’s blog post we have Brynlee Rae starring in “A Portrait of a Three-Year-Old”

In this portrait of a three-year-old, Miss Brynlee dropped by our home studio the other day. Mom and dad came along as her security team. I guess they wouldn’t let her drive here all by herself. I don’t know what’s up with parents these days! 🙂

Brynlee is certainly no stranger to our home portrait studio as she’s been here many times before. Her first professional portraits were taken here as a one week old for her newborn portraits. Then once again for her three-month-old portraits, followed by her adorable six-month portraits, and then her super cute nine-month-old portraits. Then when she turned one, we had lots of fun with a birthday cake and much more in her one-year-old portraits.

When you check out her two-year-old portraits you’ll find that she was actually here twice that day for those (Brynlee needed a little nap and a visit with her cousin & auntie before she felt up to it) and they turned out great!

A cute portrait of a three year old girl on a white studio background.

“I’m three!”

Is she Three Already?

That brings us to Brynlee’s newest photo adventure. It’s Brynlee Rae starring in “A Portrait of a Three-Year-Old.” Mom and dad were very apprehensive about this one after the two-year-old thing, but this portrait of a three-year-old went off without a hitch! Brynlee had lots of fun having her portraits taken! She and her “Uncle Mike” got to be silly together and we had lots of fun and giggles! Just the way it’s supposed to be scripted. Nice!

A fun studio portrait of a three year old girl in a standing in a window.

Having fun at “Uncle Mike’s!”

Her actual birthday is tomorrow, so we’ll wish her a “Happy Birthday” officially a day early.

Please enjoy her cute music highlight video with some of my favorite images and a few video clips tossed in there just for fun. We know you’ll enjoy it. Thank you for watching and have a great weekend! -M&J

“Portrait of a Three-Year-Old” – ©2016 Michael Anderson Photography.

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