Noah’s One Year Old Portraits

Noah’s One-Year-Old Portraits

A week or so ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Noah’s one-year-old portraits. But with all of the bunny photos that we had going this year, I haven’t had a chance to even look at them! Well, I took the memory cards out of the safe today and it’s now time to show them off!

Not only did I create Noah’s newborn photographs last year, but Joannie & I were mom and dad’s wedding photographers, (Pete and Lauren), back in October of 2013.

Noah is a cute little dude, and his outfit made him look even cuter! Mom and grandma came along to help out. Noah can walk a bit now (although he preferred crawling), so mom and grandma were really Noah’s “chasers”!

One-Year-Olds Don’t Like To Sit Still

That’s always one of the fun (and challenging) things about portraits of one-year-olds, many times they are just getting their wheels, so they have to show them off! All of their photos from now on will have the same challenge, except that their “walking” will become “running” before too long!

Cute little Noah's one-year-old portraits in a cute barn setting.

Noah, just being cute as can be!

Since we had just finished with all of our bunny portraits, I used a modified version of our bunny set to start off Noah’s one-year-old photos. His cute outfit, complete with suspenders, looked great with the set. Noah wanted to show off his wheels, so after a little while, we decided to try and slow Noah down for a few more of his one-year-old portraits.

A “Captive” Audience

To slow him down a bit, we (by that I mean mom and grandma) placed Noah on a small chair and on our “bunny seat” to keep him from crawling or walking away too much. He wasn’t terribly amused by our plan, but he sure did look cute!

Cute little Noah's one-year-old portraits. He's sitting on a small bench.

A perfect sized bench for a one-year-old!

To keep our little guy happy, we switched up the set, going to an all-white background. We used a white chair and a tiny bench to keep Noah both contained and entertained. And for the most part, it worked pretty well! Mom even got a couple of photos with the guest of honor too!

Got Cake?

Cute little Noah's one-year-old portraits. He's having his birthday cake and balloons.

Got cake? Noah does!

Then it was time for balloons and cake! Noah’s first reaction was not the best, he started to cry. I thought that he might not be a cake kind of a guy (like I am). But after a bit of persuading and taste-testing from mom and grandma, Noah turned it around. In fact, he totally loved having a cake all to himself! He just sat there and ate away!

Pretty cute (and messy)! Happy Birthday, Noah!

“Noah’s One-Year-Old Portraits” – © 2018 Michael Anderson Photography.

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