Katie’s First Birthday Portraits

Katie’s First Birthday Portraits

Katie, her mom, and grandma stopped by today for Katie’s first birthday portraits. I’ve had the privilege of being Katie’s portrait photographer since she was born. Katie is such a sweet little lady. I am very excited that I’ll get to see her grow up and capture each milestone as it comes along. It’s the best part of my job as a professional photographer!

Katie's First Birthday Portraits. Katie is standing on her own rocking chair.

The birthday girl “on” her rocking chair!

Katie sported three outfits, four if you count being dressed in just her diaper for eating cake. She brought her rocking chair along and her cute pink dress was awfully cute with that.

Then she wore a pretty purple outfit and played on our retro couch. She did enjoy everything about that couch. Maybe I need to get a kids TV remote control?

Katie's First Birthday Portraits in her cute dress on our metallic couch.

Katie goes “retro” in her cute dress on our metallic couch.

Being that her whole family loves the Minnesota Twins, Katie put on her Twins jersey and played with a baseball for a while. Those are some of my favorite one-year-old-portraits from her whole session. In her music video there are several cute one-year-old-photos of Katie in her Twins outfit.

As we often do when for first birthday photos, Katie had a cake all to herself. Of course, this was at the end of her first birthday photos. While she didn’t make a really big mess, but she did enjoy her cake (and ate it too)!

Katie's First Birthday Portraits. She enjoys her very own private birthday cake.

The birthday girl enjoys her very own private birthday cake.

As you will see in her music highlight video, Katie is a very adorable and very happy one-year-old!

Please check out this cute portrait session with her cousins and the bunnies at Easter. Here’s what the little cutie pie came up with here at the studio today!

“Katie’s First Birthday Portraits” – Images and video ©2012 Michael Anderson Photography.

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