Mounds View MN Photographer Easter Bunny Photos 2018

Mounds View MN Photographer Easter Bunny Photos 2018

Riley, Ryder, Spotty, and Vanilla

Our Easter Bunny Photos 2018 got off to a great start with our two favorite kids in the whole world! Our four-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter Riley, and her adorable eleven-month-old brother Ryder. We could not love two kids more!

After making the long trip to pick up our bunnies on Tuesday morning. I sent Riley’s mom, Jen, a cell phone photo of them in the car before I brought them back to the studio. By the time I arrived back in the Twin Cities, Riley had already selected names for them! So be it. Introducing “Spotty” and “Vanilla”!

As is pretty much the case with most kids under about a year and a half old, Ryder wasn’t very interested in the bunnies while he was being photographed. He wanted his mommy and then something to eat!

Mounds View MN Photographer Easter Bunny Photos 2018. An adorable eleven month old boy with our two bunnies.

Two cute bunnies with an even cuter little guy!

In the days leading up to our bunnies arrival, Riley kind of acted uninterested too. Well, I think she was practicing her poker face, because she not only loved the bunnies, she even let mom curl her hair for her bunny photos too! Once she arrived, she couldn’t wait to see them. I had to hold her off until Ryder had his Easter outfit on.

Mounds View MN Photographer Easter Bunny Photos 2018. Easter bunny photo of an adorable four-and-a-half-year-old girl with two bunnies.

Our sweet Riley girl with our bunnies that she has named “Spotty” and ‘Vanilla”!

After a while, Jen decided to leave the camera room so that Ryder wouldn’t want her attention so much. That proved to be a good idea. The little guy was much more into the situation without mommy close by. It’s pretty easy to see that Riley and Ryder’s Easter bunny photographs turned out pretty darn cute!

Light Painting Photography Easter Bunny Photos

Not only are we “The World’s Only Light Painting Wedding Photographers”, we are now “The World’s Only Light Painting Easter Bunny Photographers” too!

Mounds View MN Photographer Easter Bunny Photos 2018. A brother and sister in our pre-light painted Easter set, with our bunnies.

Ryder feeds the bunnies while Riley watches him. The Easter bunny photo before light painting the scene.

For our Easter Bunny photographs this year, I decided to give the whole set our light painting photography treatment. So one of the three cameras I’m using for the bunny photos won’t move for the whole time the bunnies are here. That camera has the whole farm scene in it. The other two cameras will be capturing close-up Easter photos and video clips for our highlight music videos.

Mounds View MN Photographer Easter Bunny Photos 2018.

Ryder feeds the bunnies while Riley watches him.

These highly-detailed bunny photos of the kids and our bunnies that are taken with that camera will be blended together to create an ultra-realistic light painted photograph in post-production. Since it’s a very time-consuming process, and it looks totally awesome in a larger size, it will only be offered on wall portraits.

Brielle and The Bunnies

This little sweetie pie dropped by with her mommy to have her very first Easter portraits created. At just four-and-a-half-months-old, she just might be the youngest to have 2018 Easter Bunny photos taken this year.

Mounds View MN Photographer Easter Bunny Photos 2018. Sweet little Brielle has a close up encounter with our real bunnies for her Easter portraits for 2018.

Sweet little Brielle has a close-up encounter with bunnies, “Spotty” and “Vanilla”.

Brielle is pretty good at holding herself up on her tummy, but she’s not able to do so for long periods of time. So we gave her a break by gently placing her and the bunnies in a wooden bucket. These are her very first Easter photos that mom and dad will always love!

Piper and Oliver

Next up for Bunny Portraits, three-and-a-half-year-old Piper, and her eight-month-old brother Oliver. Piper arrived pretty shy and left pretty happy about her Easter bunny encounter. She is an adorable, soft-spoken cutie pie! Piper did her best to help her little brother enjoy his bunny experience like any good big sister would.

Mounds View MN Photographer Easter Bunny Photos 2018. Two cute siblings visit with our two cute bunnies!

Piper and Oliver really enjoyed their visit with Spotty and Vanilla!

Oliver stands very well for such a young little dude. He was preoccupied with trying to figure out the whole standing up and trying to sit down gently thing most of the time. Oh yeah, he liked the carrots too! Just like our Ryder, he’s too young to really know that the bunnies are real. But just wait until next year for both of them!

Kira and Austin

Our final Easter Bunny Photo session on day one was a couple of bunny experts! Five-year-old Kira and her three-year-old brother Austin have been doing this Easter Bunny Portrait thing for many years!

Both Kira and Austin are really into the bunnies. It was pretty cute to watch as both of them were somewhat reluctant to get too close to Spotty and Vanilla. They like the bunnies a lot, but just not too close, please!

Mounds View MN Photographer Easter Bunny Photos 2018. A brother and his big sister having fun with two bunnies!

Spotty and Vanilla playing with Kira and Austin.

They did indeed warm up to the bunnies. So much in fact, that they both did a little bunny dance near the end of their session. Their Uncle Mike just happened to have the video camera rolling. Pretty darn cute!

Raising Money For The Ralph Reeder Food Shelf

More important than all the fun we’re having with these cute kids, is that for more than 25 years now, we have been donating your Easter Bunny Portrait Session Fees directly to the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf in New Brighton, Minnesota. With your generous help, we’ve been able to donate thousands of dollars to Ralph Reeder.

Unfortunately, there are a lot a people who are in need and we’re pleased to help out in our own small way. A big thank you to all of our great clients who help us help others! – M&J

“Mounds View MN Photographer Easter Bunny Photos 2018” – © 2018 Michael Anderson Photography.

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