Easter Portraits With Live Bunnies 2015

2015 Easter Portraits with live bunnies is off to a great start!

Easter Portraits With Live Bunnies 2015

We’ve got lots of bunny sessions scheduled for this Easter season, so to make sure that we tell everybody about them, we’re going to do daily blog posts with a recap of all the cute kids that stop by that day.

We start out with adorable little two-year-old Hailey. She had the honor of being our very first bunny session this morning and she got us started on the right foot! Miss Hailey also brought grandma Pam with her and you can tell that she and grandma are best buds.

Two year old Hailey and her 2015 Easter portraits with live bunnies.

Cute little two-year-old Hailey poses with Snowball and Hopper for her Easter portraits with live bunnies.

Our Easter ritual has been that the first child we photograph gets to name our cute little bunnies. Well as much as grandma tried, we couldn’t get any usable bunny names out of Hailey. That’s ok, there’s always next year!

Hailey loves our little bunnies, and we’ve got the cute Easter portraits to show for it too!

Our next little one to drop by for his Easter portrait with live bunnies was Tyler. Tyler is an adorable three-year-old and he eventually gave us our bunny’s names. There were some “different” names tossed around at the start, but he settled on “Snowball” and “Hopper” for our little furry friends.

With the fresh snowfall this morning and given his color, “Snowball” was a pretty easy choice. “Hopper” got his name because quite frankly after just two Easter Portrait sessions, “Hopper” doesn’t plan to stay around the set very long! He pretty much hops all over the place!

Tyler in one of his 2015 Easter Portraits with live bunnies.

Three-year-old Tyler with “Snowball” and “Hopper!”

Tyler is a pro at this. He was here at Christmas time and had his portraits with Santa Claus; he was here last year for bunny portraits as a two-year-old and he was here with our bunnies back in 2013 as a toddler! Here’s his cute music video featuring Easter Portraits with live bunnies!

Our next bunny portrait session showcases the sister and brother team of Kira and Austin!

Kira and Austin in their 2015 Easter portraits with live bunnies.

Kira and her brother Austin star in their Easter portraits for 2015.

Austin is a happy little guy at about three months old and along with his sister Kira, a two and half-year-old, they are both just so much fun to watch. On one hand, you have a cute little baby who can’t do too much yet and on the other, a little lady with energy to spare! She wanted to be by her brother but yet not really. The bunnies are too much fun!

Here’s their highlight video from their bunny experience!

Our final bunny session of the day stars Miss Averie. She too is an expert at this bunny thing. In fact last year she got to name our little bunnies!

Averie and her 2015 Easter portraits with live bunnies.

Miss Averie’s Easter portraits with Snowball & Hopper.

Averie was somewhat of a surprise at first because she didn’t want to see the bunnies when she arrived! That didn’t last long! I think she would have taken them home if we would have offered!

She’s quite the little character as you’re about to see in her bunny portrait music video.

Well, that was a big first day with Snowball and Hopper. Watch for more fun kids and bunny sessions in the days ahead!

Important Information about our Easter Bunny Portraits For 2015

Each of our wonderful clients is donating either a $30 or $50 “session fee” (and sometimes more) to help us raise money for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf in New Brighton, Minnesota. Because of our efforts and our wonderful clients generosity, we hope to raise a bunch of money to those in need! A big thank you in advance to all of you for making this a successful fund raising every year!

“Easter Portraits With Live Bunnies 2015” – ©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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