More 2015 Easter Bunny Portraits

Saturday was another fun and crazy day in our studio with lots of kids dropping by for their 2015 Easter Bunny Portraits with our real bunnies “Hopper” & “Snowball”!

Five Cousins and The Bunnies

What happens when you have five kids ages three months to five years old; three parents and grandma, a goofy photographer and then toss in two real bunnies? Well, it’s not nap time I can tell you! If you weren’t awake when you arrived, you were when you went home (and maybe needed a nap)!

Miss Anna, her brother Ryan and baby sister Lainey were joined by their cute cousins Katie and baby Lucy to meet and greet our little bunnies Hopper & Snowball. While it wasn’t the easiest of bunny sessions to photograph it certainly was the most entertaining. The music video pretty much tells the story. Very cute.

Anna, Ryan, Katie, Lucy, Lainey pose with the bunnies for 2015 Easter Bunny Portraits.

Anna, Ryan, Katie, Lucy, Lainey pose with Hopper & Snowball.

I can’t wait until next year when their newest cousin (not here yet) arrives on the scene. Of course, everyone will be able to sit or stand on their own, which should make it much easier for all of us adults. Remember I said “should.”

These kids have all been here before for many of their children’s portraits with Miss Lainey most recently for her three-month portraits and before that her newborn portraits. The other little bugger in the group, Miss Lucy has also just been in the studio for her six-month portraits. All of these kids (except Lainey as she wasn’t even born yet) also met Santa here back in November!

Anna, Ryan, and Katie are “Old Timers” with so many kid’s portrait sessions between them I can’t even count them all! Thank you for being such loyal friends and clients; your family is totally awesome!

Easton and Morgan

Saturday’s second fun session of 2015 Easter Bunny Portraits were two more very cute kids, Easton and his sister Morgan. Easton has been here for his newborn portraits and his one-year portraits and Miss Morgan was here for her newborn portraits too! Both of them were in studio to meet and have their portraits with Santa Claus just a few months ago.

Easton was apprehensive of being with and by our real bunnies, it’s not something that I haven’t seen before. It’s actually kind of fun to watch. He wanted to hold the bunnies and touch them but then again not really.

Easton & Morgan with Snowball for their 2015 Easter Bunny Portraits.

Easton and his sister Morgan sharing the love with Snowball!

Morgan loved these little moving fur balls; every minute of it! She gave some love to Hopper and especially to Snowball. Don’t worry, Snowball is doing great and actually likes to rough it up a bit in his house in the garage with Hopper.

Kenzie and The Bunnies

Our next adorable kid is Kenzie; who actually didn’t know she was going to meet our bunnies until she turned the corner into the camera room. She was here for to celebrate becoming a five-year-old! We just snuck some bunny portraits in there for fun.

Our bunny Snowball tried to give Kenzie a kiss for her 5th birthday! Kenzie had her 2015 Easter Bunny Portraits taken during her 5 year old portrait session.

Snowball tries to give Kenzie a kiss for her 5th birthday!

Kenzie is no stranger to our photography studio either having been here several times, including her three-year-old portraits and also in her uncle Derek and Aunt Melissa’s wedding back a couple of years ago in Anoka, MN.

Kenzie in one of her fifth birthday studio portraits.

Kenzie is five years old and as cute as ever!

This time mom and grandma had Kenzie in the studio with several cute outfits and we had fun with her the whole time. Kenzie is such a sweet, well behaved young lady and her “Uncle Mike” always enjoy her visits here.

Claire Rose Meets The Bunnies

Moving on to another adorable little bugger, happy little ten-month-old Claire Rose. Claire also is no stranger to Uncle Mike’s photo studio either. She was here for her newborn portraits when she was just six days old! And our little Claire also met Santa Claus here back in November too!

Claire Rose with bunnies Hopper & Snowball in one of her 2015 Easter Bunny Portraits.

Adorable Miss Claire Rose with our bunnies Hopper & Snowball.

Miss Claire’s session could have been over in less than two minutes! She sat down and smiled and interacted with Hopper and Snowball like she does it for a living. She’s a true “bunny photo professional.”

She totally entertained mom, grandma, auntie and her Uncle Mike. She too gave “a little love” to Snowball and he took it in stride like a good little bunny.

Are you wondering why Hopper doesn’t get all the love Snowball does? Well if you place Hopper on the floor unattended for more than about a second he’s outta here! Hence the name “Hopper”!

A Very Cute Trio

Our 2015 Easter Bunny Portraits continue with a trio of little cuties! Three-year-old Natalia, her one-year-old sister Fiona and their good friend seven-month-old Aria all dropped by to visit our bunnies. All in adorable matching outfits too!

Natalia, Fiona and Aria play with real bunnies Hopper & Snowball during their 2015 Easter Bunny Portraits.

Natalia, Fiona, and Aria playing with Hopper & Snowball.

This bunny portrait session was a riot! The funniest moment came when Natalia announced that “I’m done now” just a moment or two into the session. All three of us “big kids” just cracked up laughing! She threw that line at us a couple more times too. Very funny stuff!

Trevor and Landon

We finish up Saturday’s 2015 Easter Bunny Portraits with the dynamic duo of Trevor and Landon. These two fun-loving brothers that have been here twice before for their bunny portraits in 2014 and also back in 2013 too!

Trevor & Landon with our little bunnies Hopper and Snowball. Photo taken for their 2015 Easter Bunny Portraits!

Trevor & Landon are having lots of fun with Hopper and Snowball!

The entertaining part of this year’s bunny photo session was the total attention that three-year-old Landon gave to the bunnies. He was so locked in that he literally didn’t hear his dad hollering his name trying to get him to look up at the camera! All the while his older brother wasn’t really thrilled with being around bunnies at all!

Ah, bunny portraits.

Well, that wraps it up for this episode of our 2015 Easter Bunny Portraits. I need a nap now! More coming later in the week!

Important Information about our Easter Bunny Portraits For 2015:

Each of our wonderful clients is donating either a $30 or $50 “session fee” (and sometimes more) to help us raise money for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf in New Brighton, Minnesota. Because of our efforts and our wonderful client’s generosity, we hope to raise a bunch of money to those in need! A big thank you in advance to all of you for making this a successful fundraising every year!

“More 2015 Easter Bunny Portraits” – All Images & Videos ©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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