Lainey Elise’s Three Month Old Baby Portraits

Beautiful little Lainey Elise was in our studio yesterday on St. Patrick’s Day for her three-month-old baby portraits!

Three month old baby portraits of Lainey Elise dressed as a cute little fairy.

Little Lainey Elise dressed as a cute little fairy.

Three Month Old Baby Portraits

This little cutie was here just a few weeks ago for her newborn portraits. Boy does time fly by quickly, she’s three months old already!

Well, this adorable little one brought along mommy, grandma and her big brother Ryan too!

With most baby portraits, there’s a fair amount of “downtime” during the baby photo session and Lainey was no exception. A few stops for eating and diaper changes while taking a portrait or two in between breaks.

Mom, grandma and I were talking about how much “easier” babies are to photograph when they are sound asleep, but rarely it seems are they actually asleep when they’re being photographed here at our studio. Even many of the tiny little newborns that we’ve had here recently. I’m not sure why? Maybe they’re having too much fun perhaps?

The good news for “Uncle Mike” is that I quite often get to hold many of these sleepless babies (and the sleeping ones too) while calming them down a bit during their portraits. Lainey was no exception, as I held this little cutie pie for several minutes during her session. Sweet!

When we finished in the studio, we visited for a little while in our meeting area and low and behold Miss Lainey fell asleep! So we quietly snuck back into the camera room for a few more images of our sleeping princess. Very cute!

Three month old baby portraits of a sleeping Lainey Elise.

A sleeping Lainey Elise gets her three-month-old baby portraits taken.

I know you’re going to enjoy Lainey’s three-month-old baby portraits and her music highlight video too! A perfect way to enjoy a little Wednesday afternoon break.

“Lainey Elise’s Three-Month-Old Baby Portraits” – ©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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