Little Log House Pioneer Village Light Painting

Little Log House Pioneer Village Light Painting

We’ve got another cool light painted wedding photograph completed and it turned out pretty freakin’ awesome! This one is April and Darrick’s super-cool Little Log House Pioneer Village light painting from their August 1st wedding.

“The Village” is filled with locations and unique items to light paint. I’m pretty sure I could literally light paint something different each night for a year and not do the same exact thing twice. Yes, it’s that amazing of a piece of property south of Hastings, MN.

The bride and groom, prior to light painting everything. The location was the vintage gas station at Little Log House Pioneer Village in Hastings, MN.

The set-up shot, with April & Darrick, just prior to light painting the scene.

Getting You Up To Speed

The wedding photography leading up to their wonderful wedding ceremony in The Stable was nothing short of wonderful. Mother Nature brought in some nice cloud cover for us too. We covered a lot of ground to several photo locations. But we barely put a dent in the number of places where you can create wedding photographs there. At 160 acres, it’s a BIG place!

We followed that up with an awesome social hour at the Four Corners Saloon and a great wedding reception in the Little Log House Village Hall. All-in-all, this was a fantastic wedding!

But we weren’t done quite yet.

The Vintage Gas Station – Take 2

For April and Darrick, we decided on the old vintage gas station for their second light painting. Their first one, if you recall, was created back in the fall of 2019. It was done at the end of their engagement portrait session at The Village. The light painting spot we selected back then was at the Country Grist Mill.

The old vintage gas station is full of cool neon signs and automotive memorabilia. It also features an old sheriff’s car from the ’50s. We created this cool wedding party photo there earlier in the day.

A really cool wedding party photograph at the vintage gas station at Little Log House Pioneer Village.

The wedding party at the cool vintage gas station.

Post-Sunset Wedding Photography

Joannie and I set-up for their Little Log House Pioneer Village light painted wedding photo shortly after their wedding dance got going. The rain from earlier on had stopped, but more rain was expected to arrive later the night. It made for an interesting sky that was constantly changing.

Since the weather had the potential of becoming pretty “interesting”, I really wanted to make sure we got it completed before the next wave might arrive. So I literally parked our Honda Odessey right by the station in case we had to make a hasty exit.

The set-up shot, before light painting, of a sheriff's cat at a vintage gas station located at the Little Log House Pioneer Village near Hastings, MN.

The set-up shot, prior to light painting everything.

Ready, Set, Go!

Since our grandson, Ryder, was the ring bearer, we had both him and his big sister Riley assist us in the setting up of the shot. Once grandpa had the lights all set-up, we had the kids stand by the sheriff’s car to test out the lighting.

The kids thought that was kind of fun to be there and they both asked a lot of questions about what grandpa was up to. Even our shy little Ryder thought it was pretty cool to be out there in the dark!

Just like at every other wedding light painting we’ve done, we wanted April and Darrick to be with their wedding guests as much as possible. So we set-up everything up ahead of time. Then we had them join us for a few minutes for their photography part. Then we sent them back to their party to dance the night away while we light paint the rest of the selected scene.

We pretty much have it down to a science.

Little Log House Pioneer Village light painted wedding photograph created at the vintage gas station.

April and Darrick’s amazing light painting!

The Movie

We hope you’ve enjoyed the one-of-a-kind Little Log House Pioneer Village light painted wedding photograph that we created for April and Darrick. It was so cool so see these two (finally) get married! And to be their wedding photographers was extra special!

We’ve got a short video from our YouTube Channel with “the build” video from their light painted wedding photograph. It’s only about a minute long, but so fun to watch it all come together from start to finish.

Thank you for reading our post and have a great one! – M&J

“Little Log House Pioneer Village Light Painting” – ©2020 Michael Anderson Photography.

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