Logan’s Four Year Old Portraits

Here are some of our favorite images from Logan’s four-year-old portraits taken yesterday in our home studio.

Having a little fun on a wooden box during Logan's four year old portraits.

Logan is four years old!

Logan is no stranger to our home studio. He’s pretty comfortable here despite that fact his mom says he’s usually pretty shy when he goes places. His comfort level here has a lot to do with the fact that he’s been here many times before. That and his crazy “Uncle Mike” is so much fun too!

In addition to Logan’s four-year-old portraits, Logan also had his newborn portraits created here when he was just six days old, he also had his six-month-old portraits done here, the little dude was also here for his nine-month-old portraits, his one-year-old portraits, and once again for two-year-old portraits.

Not only all of those cute kid’s portrait sessions, but he’s also had his Easter portraits taken with his cousin Brynlee with our cute bunnies at Easter in 2014 too!

All of those adorable kids portrait sessions were so fun to create for his family to enjoy. But the one portrait session that stands out the most for me is one that he wasn’t even in! His cute cousin Brynlee was here last year for her two-year-old portraits and she was having an “off day” to say the least. Her morning portrait session just wasn’t in her plans.

So mom took her to Logan’s house for a nap and came back that afternoon. Logan tagged along to “assist” Brynlee in her afternoon retake. Logan was just the ticket as he helped his cousin turn a frustrating day for mom into what turned out to be a really cute and fun portrait session! Thanks again dude!

Logan's four year old portraits taken in the studio.

Four years old!

Logan’s birthday party is today! So in honor of the occasion, here’s a cute highlight music video with some of Logan’s four year old portraits and a few video clips tossed in there for fun. Happy birthday Logan!

“Logan’s Four-Year-Old Portraits” – ©2016 Michael Anderson Photography.

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