Keller Golf Course Light Painting

Keller Golf Course Light Painting

We have Michael and Julie’s one-of-a-kind Keller Golf Course light painting all finished and it turned out really pretty! It capped off a really wonderful wedding day that began at Church of the Assumption in downtown St. Paul, MN and concluded with a great reception, dinner, and dance at Keller Golf Course.

Decisions, Decisions

It is often a challenge as to where we should create a light painting one of our weddings. The biggest factor is always the weather. Thankfully, the weather was good for Michael and Julie, so outdoors was an easy call. There was a storm front on the way, luckily, it didn’t arrive until well after midnight.

Photograph of the outside of the Keller Clubhouse in Maplewood, MN at dusk.

The outside of the Keller Clubhouse at dusk.

I wanted to include the beautiful clubhouse in their Keller Golf Course light painted wedding photograph because it has a lot of “character” for light painting. The question would be how many wedding guests might be in that area during the light painting process.

It turns out that hardly anyone was outside. They were all on the dance floor! Perfect!

Time To Rock and Roll

After photographing the start of their wedding dance, Joannie & I set up for Michael and Julie’s light painting. Once we were all set up, we had our newlyweds join us outside for a few minutes for their part in the process. After getting a great image of the two of them, they headed back to the dance floor and we got busy on the actual light painting part.

The "set-up" shot for a Keller Golf Course light painting. The bride and groom on the lawn by the clubhouse.

Michael and Julie in their “before” photo.

It took about forty minutes for us to light paint all of the landscaping, patio area, and the clubhouse. After double-checking to make sure we didn’t miss anything, we were all set! And after much work in post-processing, here is their unique light painted wedding photograph!

A pretty Keller Golf Course light painting of a bride and groom by the clubhouse.

Michael and Julie’s one-of-a-kind light painted wedding photograph at Keller Golf Course.

There’s A (Short) Movie!

We have a short movie with some of the steps involved in created Michael and Julie’s one-of-a-kind light painting. Please click on the link below to check it out on our YouTube Channel. Also, feel free to subscribe if you would like to see more of our creations down the road.

We hope you have a great day and thank you for reading our post! – M&J

“Keller Golf Course Light Painting” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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