Lichtscheidl Arena Light Painting

Lichtscheidl Arena Light Painting

In the “let’s do something different” department, I’ve created an unusual Lichtscheidl Arena light painting during Lindsey’s senior portrait session a couple of weeks ago. This one is one part senior portrait, and one part light painting of a vehicle. The unusual part is that the vehicle is a Zamboni!

The Zamboni at Lichtscheidl Arena in Forest Lake, MN.

The Zamboni at Lichtscheidl Arena prior to light painting it.

But before we get into the story behind that one-of-a-kind senior portrait, let’s talk about her other senior portraits first!

Lake Superior

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote a blog post about Lindsey’s first senior portrait session up on Lake Superior. Joannie and I really enjoyed having Lindsey, and her mom and sister, Gail and Mady, along on our annual “North Shore Weekend”.

Lake Superior senior photographs created at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.

Lindsey, in the rain, at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.

Now it was time to “play hockey” back here in town! Lindsey is a 2020 senior at Forest Lake High School and plays on the varsity hockey team. I wanted to create some cool (pun intended) images for Lindsey in her hockey gear. So we set up some ice time at Lichtscheidl Arena to create some added senior images for her.

Let’s Play Hockey!

Before creating Lindsey’s light painting at Lichtscheidl Arena, we did a few “regular” senior pics of her in her hockey gear. Including an image idea that I got from a photographer friend of mine. That image turned pretty cool!

A senior pic taken on the ice at Lichtscheidl Arena in Forest Lake, MN.

Lindsey on the ice at Lichtscheidl Arena.

We also did a couple of nice images by the goal as well.

Senior photo of a Forest Lake girls hockey player by the goal at Lichtscheidl Arena.

Lindsey, the Class of 2020!

Then it was time to create Lindsey’s light painted senior portrait at Lichtscheidl Arena. Gail was my “trigger girl”, firing the camera when I was ready for the next exposure. Thank you for helping me out Gail!

The behind-the-scenes "set-up" for a unique light painted senior photo. Image was taken at Lichtscheidl Arena in Forest Lake, MN.

The behind-the-scenes “set-up” for Lindsey’s light painted senior photo.

Other than the fact that I couldn’t move around very fast on the ice, the whole process went very smoothly. The final image is pretty darn cool!

Light painted senior photo with the Zamboni at Lichtscheidl Arena in Forest Lake, MN.

“Let’s Play Hockey!”

I’ve created a short video with some of the steps that went into creating Lindsey’s one-of-a-kind light painted senior photo at Lichtscheidl Arena in Forest Lake, MN. Check it out when you have a chance. Thank you for reading our post and have a great one! – M&J

“Lichtscheidl Arena Light Painting” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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