Elm Creek Light Painting Wedding Photo

Elm Creek Light Painting Wedding Photo

Joannie and I are very pleased to share Jesse and Stephanie’s cool Elm Creek Light Painting wedding photo with you! But first, let’s recap about just how wonderful their wedding day really was.

Last Thursday, we shared the first of their Elm Creek Park Reserve wedding photographs and a cute highlight music video. In it, we showcased the beginning of their wedding day, from getting ready to Jesses’ first look, many great wedding party photos, and family portraits inside the chalet at Elm Creek.

Elm Creek Light Painting Wedding Photo location before light painting it with the bride and groom.

The spot that we chose for Jesse and Stephanie’s wedding photography light painting.

Many of those fun wedding photos and great moments came about on a very rainy day. Before the wedding ceremony, Mother Nature gave us about 30 minutes with no rain and we took full advantage of it! We created a lot of great wedding photos of Jesse, Stephanie, and their great wedding party in a very short period of time!

Then last Saturday, we posted “Part Two” of their wedding day highlights, complete with another fun highlight music video. That video took us from their pretty (indoor) wedding ceremony, their suddenly “sunny” reception, all the way to their wedding dance. We also threw in a pretty walk just as the sun was setting on their wedding day.

A Wet Wedding Day

As we mentioned in both stories, the weather made it pretty challenging. Not just for Jesse and Stephanie, who were hoping to have an outdoor wedding ceremony that didn’t happen, but their two wedding photographers had their hands full too!

Elm Creek Light Painting Wedding Photo before light painting it. The bride and groom before their light painting began at Elm Creek Park Reserve.

Jesse and Stephanie before the light painting began.

The whole week before their wedding, I kept watching the weather forecasts hoping that it would change and that the predicted rain would not be there on Saturday. Just as Joanie and I pulled out of our garage, it literally started to downpour. I’m thinking, oh boy, how can we use this pretty wedding location in the rain? Thankfully, we got that short reprieve before the wedding!

Elm Creek Light Painting Wedding Photograph

That brings us to the main focus of this post, the stunning Light Painted Wedding Photograph that Joannie and I were able to create for Jesse and Stephanie. This one looks even cooler because of the rain that was coming back into the area once again. It made for a stunning blue sky which happened to be one of their wedding colors!

So without further ado, here’s their pretty wedding photography light painting!

Elm Creek Light Painting Wedding Photo. A stunning light painting wedding photograph. Image was created during the couples Elm Creek Park Reserve wedding reception.

Jesse and Stephanie’s stunning wedding light painting created at the Elm Creek Park Reserve.

Below is a link to a very short video showing the steps involved in creating their Elm Creek Wedding Light Painted Photo. We hope you enjoy it! -M&J

“Elm Creek Light Painting Wedding Photo” © 2018 Michael Anderson Photography.

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