Elm Creek Park Reserve Wedding Photography

Elm Creek Park Reserve Wedding Photography

Joannie and I would love to share some of Stephanie and Jesse’s pretty Elm Creek Park Reserve wedding photography with you. These two newlyweds were married last Saturday in a pretty indoor wedding ceremony at the chalet with many family and friends in attendance.

Unfortunately, the weatherman was actually right last Saturday. The forecast all week long was for a rainy day and low-and-behold it did rain, quite hard at times, for much of the morning and into the afternoon. When Joannie and I arrived, we got right to work photographing some of their nice wedding details inside and out of the rain.

Very nice Elm Creek Park Reserve wedding photography of the bride and groom.

A pretty (and dry) photo of Jesse and Stephanie under the chalet roofline.

We photographed Stephanie’s pretty wedding dress, her shoes, their wedding rings, the invitation, and some of their table decorations. The table decor made for some very nice Elm Creek Park Reserve wedding photos. While we were creating those images, Jesse and the guys were getting ready. That allowed us to photograph Stephanie’s dress out in the open while Jesse was out-of-sight in the getting ready room.

Once the boys were ready, Stephanie and her girls took over the room. Joannie hung out with the ladies while they were getting ready and I set up for Jesse’s first look which would be just outside of the getting ready room.

Rain, Rain Go Away!

It was still raining at this time but the roofline at the chalet has a nice large overhang that would keep us dry for their first look. The guys helped me move some of the picnic tables out of the way. In addition to being dry, this location also has very pretty backgrounds that we would also use for some of their Elm Creek Park Reserve wedding pictures.

We used both of our two high powered WITSTRO MoLight AD360II-C’s, in large softboxes to balance the light under the roofline with the ambient light of the wooded background. Just after their first look, we created Jesse and Stephanie’s formal portraits there (shown above) and some of the wedding party there as well.

The Rain Stops – (Temporarily)

While we were photographing the wedding party under the roof, the rain stopped and the sky started to get a little brighter. We asked them if they wanted to take a shot at doing some of their Elm Creek Park Reserve wedding photos out in the open and they gladly said yes!

Nice Elm Creek Park Reserve wedding photography of bride and groom along with their wedding party.

Jesse, Stephanie and their wedding party.

Joannie and I got to work creating a lot of great wedding photos under a beautiful overcast sky that gave us some awesome light to work with. There’s many fun wedding party poses on and around the cool looking bridge that they have there. We captured great posed and candid wedding photos of the girls, the guys, and Jesse and Stephanie alone too!

Elm Creek Park Reserve wedding photography of the bride and groom in a wrestling pose on the bridge.

Jesse and Stephanie having a little fun on the bridge.

Just as we were about to attempt another wedding party photo, it started to rain once again. We aborted the mission and headed back inside. It turned out to be a good call as it started pouring just seconds later!

Family Portraits In The Elm Creek Park Reserve Chalet

Since both families have several small kids, we decided to stay indoors for the family photos rather than risk having wet kids outside under the roofline. We set up our lights in front of the huge fireplace in the chalet.

We photographed a lot of family combinations including the cute photo here of Jesse, Stephanie, and all of their adorable nieces and nephews! With this many small kids, it was a bit chaotic, but the memories the photo captured will be one that they will enjoy forever!

Cute Elm Creek Park Reserve wedding photography of the bride and groom and all of their nieces and nephews.

Jesse and Stephanie with all of their cute nieces and nephews.

We hope you have enjoyed some of the stories behind Jess and Stephaine’s Elm Creek Park Reserve wedding photography. You might be asking where’s the wedding ceremony and the reception? Well, stay tuned for Part Two in the days to come!

Wedding Photography Light Painting

There’s also going to be another one of our one-of-a-kind Wedding Photography Light Paintings too! I’m still working on that image, but it already looks like it is going to be stunning! In the meantime, we’ve created a fun music video for you to enjoy. It contains many of the wedding photos leading up to the wedding ceremony. Enjoy! – M&J

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