Downtown Minneapolis Engagement Portraits

Here are some of Chris & Katelyn’s “very cool” downtown Minneapolis engagement portraits taken last Friday near the Guthrie Theater and on the Mississippi Riverfront.

Close up portrait of Chris & Katelyn in one of their downtown Minneapolis engagement portraits.

Close up engagement portrait of Chris & Katelyn.

Chis and Katelyn will be getting married on what will most likely be a warmer day (we hope) next September. It wasn’t too bad outside air temperature wise last Friday afternoon. Considering that it was the middle of January in Minnesota. But the breeze off the Mississippi made it feel much colder than it actually was. Other than some pink skin tones from the cold air, it was a really nice afternoon with some light falling snow at times too. Lighting wise, it was near perfect outside with a nice overcast sky to soften the light.

As you can see by the two images in this post, Chris & Katelyn even took their winter coats off (several times) too! They are true Minnesotans!

The Guthrie Theater Area

We met at the Guthrie Theater and took some images right by the theater. Then we took a stroll to different places all around the Guthrie and the awesome stone buildings nearby. We walked to the Stone Arch Bridge where the wind made us quite aware of what the term “wind chill” means! I’m glad it was a light breeze and not really windy.

Chris & Katelyn near the Guthrie Theater during their downtown Minneapolis engagement portraits.

Chris & Katelyn near the Guthrie Theater.

On the way back to the Guthrie, we made a couple stops at some of my favorite warm weather locations to see what winter does to them. It turns out they’re good engagement photography spots during the wintertime too. The image above was taken near the Mill City Museum.

We finished their downtown Minneapolis engagement portraits by throwing some snow at each other and finishing it off with a kiss! Nice!

Here’s Chris and Katelyn’s cute music highlight video. Thank you for watching it!

“Downtown Minneapolis Engagement Portraits” – ©2016 Michael Anderson Photography.

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