Lainey’s One Year Portraits

Miss Lainey dropped by the studio late last week to have her one-year portraits taken!

One year portraits of a cute little girl reading books on a tiny bed.

I’m being one!

As you can see by the portrait above, Lainey had some fun while having them taken too! She really enjoyed reading her books and goofing around on the tiny bed we have in the studio. She did, however, make mom & her “Uncle Mike” (mostly mom) work for it though. With her big brother and her grandma along to witness this historic moment in her young life, Lainey wasn’t very “into it.”

At the start, Miss Lainey didn’t seem to feel like having any one-year portraits taken. But after a little quality time with her giant cupcake, everything was much better! I keep telling Joannie that cake is good for us and Lainey proved me to be correct! Thanks, little buddy!

This little lady is no stranger to our portrait studio. In just her first year she’s been photographed here at just 3 weeks old and once again at three months old, at again at six months old, and yet once again with her cousins at nine months old just before the holidays too!

As I mentioned, like we almost always do, Lainey had some of her one-year portraits taken with a cupcake. Instead of at the end of the portrait session, it was in the middle to see if we could get her to be a bit happier. The sugar worked like a charm! Just needed to clean her up a bit to go back in the studio for more one-year portraits. No problem.

One year portraits old of a cute little girl with a cupcake and covered in frosting.

Having cake AND eating it too!

I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy Lainey’s cute little music highlight video. She’s quite a cute little model and really is very fun to photograph. Thanks for watching!

“Lainey’s One Year Portraits” – ©2016 Michael Anderson Photography.

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