Baby Girl Newborn Photos

Today we would like to share some beautiful baby girl newborn photos of adorable thirteen-day old Aftyn Elizabeth!

Baby girl newborn photos of a cute sleeping baby wearing fairy wings.

Miss Aftyn Elizabeth.

Miss Aftyn is so cute and adorable that, as you’ll see in her music highlight video, she’s even cute when she sneezes!

After arrived at our home portrait studio pretty much ready to be awake, and also we found out, ready for some food!

It took us a while to get Aftyn to fall asleep, that’s something kind of unusual for most newborn portraits. Usually, most newborns sleep through the whole session! Not Aftyn, I think she was enjoying all the attention she was getting and all of the bright studio lights too.

She’s also a good eater! Mom and dad kept filling her bottle and she keeps wanting more. I don’t think she will stay very tiny for very long!

Once she did fall asleep, she was perfectly content to take a long nap under our heat lamp. Miss Aftyn wasn’t real thrilled with us when her newborn portraits were complete and we had to wake her up to get dressed and go home!

Joannie & I had the pleasure of creating mom and dad’s wedding photographs back in October 2014. It was a cold early October day, but we were still able to create lots of great wedding images for them in Stillwater, MN.

I know you’ll enjoy her music highlight video created from some of my favorite baby girl newborn photos from Afton’s session, thank you for watching it!

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