Bunker Hills Event Center Wedding of Jay and Stephanie

Bunker Hills Event Center was the site of Jay and Stephanie’s pretty wedding ceremony on Saturday, November 1st.

2014 has been a really great wedding photography year for us once again. And we were blessed to be the wedding photographers for yet another friend’s beautiful wedding day celebration.

Jay and Stephanie’s wedding at the newly renamed Bunker Hills Event Center in Coon Rapids, MN was a blast! Stephanie is a hair stylist along with Joannie at Hair By Hughes & Crew in Spring Lake Park, MN.

Our “Queen” is such a fun person to be around, she just lights up a room. She’s also a dynamite mom to Simon “Dude,” our ring bearer and all around the cute kid for the day.

Bunker Hills Event Center wedding photograph of the bride, groom and ring bearer.

Jay, Stephanie and Simon “Dude.”

Simon got his nickname “Dude” from me at his Easter Bunny portrait session a couple of years back. It was the ONLY way I could get him to smile. So “Dude” it is and probably will be forever with his “Uncle Mike”.

That Bride Can Sing!

On this wedding day, what I didn’t know about Stephanie is that she (and her three sisters too) is a really gifted singer! The things you find out about a person when they get married. More on that later.

We start this wedding story with wedding photos of the girls and guys getting ready for the wedding day right there at Bunker Hills Event Center. Once we had everyone all set, it was time for the first of our three “first looks.” Our leadoff hitter was “The King” himself as Stephanie walked up from behind and tapped Jay on the shoulder. Very sweet.

Then it was Simon’s turn! The little dude acted like he’d done this before as he strutted up the aisle to mom and Jay at the altar. Super cute!

Last but not least, Stephanie’s dad got a semi-private moment with his beautiful daughter as we were preparing to take formal bridal portraits of Jay and Stephanie in the Golf Hall of Fame area at Bunker Hills Event Center.

We got right to work with wedding portraits of Jay and Stephanie alone, then with their parents and families and one quick wedding party photograph just before the guests started to arrive for the wedding ceremony. Whew! A lot was done in a short amount of time, but pretty fun too!

Wedding Ceremony Photos

Our wedding highlight video continues with Jay and Stephanie’s beautiful wedding ceremony. And it was a very personal wedding ceremony too; with readings by Cindy Melby and Ruth Schneider and beautiful solos by two of Stephanie’s sisters, Julie and Melissa. Then the Lord’s Prayer was sung by Stephanie’s uncle Bruce along with her cousin Allan.

Bunker Hills Event Center wedding ceremony photograph of the wedding vows.

Jay and Stephanie exchange their wedding vows.

It was all very impressive, to say the least. The whole, personal wedding ceremony led by Stephanie’s childhood friend, Pastor Ryan Brodin from Abiding Savior Lutheran church just one block away from our home studio in Mounds View!

After the wedding ceremony, Jay and Stephanie greeted their wedding guests in a receiving line during the cocktail hour. We have lots of wedding candid photos of friends and a big group shot of all stylists from Hair By Hughes & Crew! These girls know how to (pardon the pun) “let their hair down” and have fun as you’ll see throughout the crazy fun dance later on!

Bunker Hills Event Center wedding photograph of bride and her coworkers from Hair By Hughes & Crew.

Stephanie and her coworkers from Hair By Hughes & Crew.

“Cool” Wedding Photos Outside

Just before dinner, Joannie and I took the wedding party outside for a few wedding photographs of these guys “letting their hair down!” And they didn’t disappoint.

Wedding party jumping in the air at Bunker Hills Event Center in Coon Rapids, MN.

Jay, Stephanie and their wedding party getting a little fresh “air.”

Bridesmaids, flowergirl and groom having some fun at Bunker Hills Event Center in Coon Rapids, MN.

Jay and the Bridesmaids and flower girl having a little fun.

We finished up quickly (it was very cold out) and sent the wedding party back inside to thaw out while Jay and Stephanie got a few “cool” wedding photos all by themselves on the pretty pathways on the Bunker Hills Golf Course.

Bunker Hills Event Center wedding photograph of bride and groom kissing on the pathway.

Jay and Stephanie having a little private moment.

Back inside to warm up and really get the party started with a great dinner, reception, and dance. The biggest surprise (to me anyway), was Stephanie’s singing of the first verse of “At Last” to Jay as she walked toward him for their first dance. I was taken back by how awesome she sings. I only have a few seconds of it on video, but you’ll get the idea.

The dance floor was full all night long with a certain group of hairstylists out there causing trouble (in a good way) all night long! I gave Joannie the night off right after the first dances so she could have fun with all the girls from the beauty shop. And they DID have fun; closing the place down. Most of us leaving at the very end with Jay, Stephanie and their parents.

That was a fun wedding day!

Joannie and I want to say thank you, Jay and Stephanie, for entrusting us to capture your wedding photographs for you two. We really enjoyed spending your wedding day with you guys and look forward to creating your awesome wedding album with you in the weeks to come!

“Jay and Stephanie’s Bunker Hills Event Center Wedding” – ©2014 Michael Anderson Photography.


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