Birthday Cake Photos

Birthday Cake Photos

Today, we’d love to share Brooks’ birthday cake photos, as well as some other really cute images that we created to celebrate the little dude turning one-year-old!

Brooks is certainly not unfamiliar with having his portraits created at our studio. This was his 5th time here since his newborn portraits were taken at just eleven days old! It’s certainly been fun watching Brooks grow up (too fast) right before my eyes.

Eleven day old baby boy photos of a baby sleeping with his parents wedding rings on his back.

Taking a nap all toasty warm under “Uncle Mike’s” infrared heater!

Brooks had his mom, and also his grandma and grandpa along for the ride. And Brooks certainly lived up to his one-year-old status by needing every one of them to keep him in the photographs! And he can’t even walk yet!

How Do You Slow Down A One-Year-Old?

A cute one-year-old boy standing a white chair.

Brooks enjoyed being a “show-off” standing on one of our chairs. (He’s being closely spotted by his mom and grandma).

We threw (sometimes literally) everything we could to keep Brooks on the set. A baseball, a basketball, a cute wooden car, a big white chair, a little wooden chair, a toy chest…you get the idea. He had us outnumbered, but in the end, the (tired) adults won, because they get to enjoy some really cute photos of Brooks for many years to come!

A cute one-year-old boy sitting a wooden chair.

Little boys and bib overalls. It doesn’t get much cuter then that!

Little Cake Eater

Brooks’ photos with a birthday cake closed out his portrait session. While Brooks wasn’t really into his birthday cake very much, he certainly loved his blue balloons! There was plenty of frosting all over all of them!

Birthday cake photos of a one-year-old boy holding a blue balloon.

Brooks liked his Birthday balloons more then he did his cake!

I usually send the balloons home after many one-year-old portrait sessions, but not this time with all of that frosting on them! Instead, I blew up a fresh balloon for him to enjoy at home.

I’ve got a cute highlight music video at the link below that features many of the images that we were able to capture of the little moving target named Brooks. It’s pretty darn cute! So take a few minutes and put a smile on your face with birthday cake photos, and more, of Mr. Brooks. – M&J

Birthday Cake Photos” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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