Saint Anthony Main Engagement Photography

Saint Anthony Main Engagement Photography

A couple of weeks ago, I created some pretty Saint Anthony Main engagement photography for Michael and Anne. Weather-wise, it was a wonderful Wednesday evening in downtown Minneapolis, and we made the best of it!

Saint Anthony Main engagement photography of a cute couple sitting in the grass.

Michael and Anne in a pretty park setting at St. Anthony Main.

If you haven’t been to the area, it’s filled with cute restaurants, bars, and other businesses, all in a pretty, yet very urban setting on the Mississippi River. It’s also a very popular spot to take photographs of all kinds.

I met up with Michael and Anne in front of the Saint Anthony Main Theater and we actually started taking photographs right across the street right under the Central Avenue Bridge. I brought Lightning McQueen along to assist in the lighting duties. And as usual, it made a noticeable difference in the quality of the imagery.

Saint Anthony Main engagement photography with the Minneapolis skyline in the background.

Michael and Anne with the Central Avenue Bridge and the Mississippi River in the background.

What makes the area such a huge draw for photography is all of the variety of locations there. Through the years, I’ve created Saint Anthony Main engagement photographs for our couples more times than I can remember. The season doesn’t matter either. It’s great year-round!

The Famous Stone Arch Bridge

Pretty much, everyone, I photograph there wants to have at least a few photos on the Stone Arch Bridge. The biggest problem with that is the fact that everyone else in the area seems to be on the bridge too! There’s tons of foot traffic, lots of bikers, joggers, and even Police cars on the bridge at any given moment.

Saint Anthony Main engagement photography on the Stone Arch Bridge.

Michael and Anne on the Stone Arch Bridge.

Both ends of the Stone Arch Bridge offer great photo opportunities. The St. Anthony Main side offers the Minneapolis skyline as the backdrop, which is pretty cool! I’ve photographed there a lot and I’ve got a system that allows me to safely put my lighting gear in a spot that it can do its job without being a safety hazard for anyone on the bridge.

A St. James Hotel Wedding Coming Up

Michael and Anne will be getting married at the famous St. James Hotel in Redwing, MN this September. While I’m not looking forward to September getting here too quickly, I am looking forward to creating their wedding photography

I hope you’ve enjoyed their Saint Anthony Main engagement pictures. I’ve created a cute highlight music video with some of my favorite engagement photos from their session. I hope you’ve enjoyed our post and have a good one! – M&J

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