Baby Girl Newborn Portraits

For a little holiday fun, we’d like to share some of the adorable baby girl newborn portraits of Miss Jocelyn Clara!

Adorable baby girl newborn portraits of a wide eyed one month old laying on a soft pink quilt.

Cute as a button!

This little cutie pie came all the way from St. Cloud to visit her “Uncle Mike” and have her cute baby girl newborn portraits taken. Originally, Jocelyn was going to have her newborn photos done on Sunday afternoon, but with the temps at minus 22 degrees, we all decided that doing them on another day was a much safer idea. Tuesday’s weather, as you all know, was only 50 degrees warmer than on Sunday! Don’t ya just love our Minnesota weather?

After her hour-long nap in the car, she was pretty much wide awake for most of her adorable baby girl newborn portraits. That does make it challenging posing wise because a sleeping baby can be “posed” much more easily than when the baby’s awake. So for Miss Jocelyn, there was lots of wiggling and cooing going on! Pretty doggone cute the whole time!

Jocelyn was wide awake for her first formal family portrait and she was nice and alert for some individual portraits with her mommy and also with her daddy too!

At the very end of her baby girl newborn portraits, after a bottle to fill her tummy, we did get her to fall asleep for a few seconds so we could do a green screen portrait composite with her sleeping in a tiny sleigh! Don’t worry, she fell asleep tasty warm under our infrared heaters on our giant custom baby bean bag covered in green. The sleigh and the snow were added later on.

Green screen portrait composite of Miss Jocelyn sleeping on a sleigh.

Miss Jocelyn sleeping on a tiny sleigh.

Here’s a cute music highlight music video that we put together for you to enjoy. Happy Holidays! – M&J

“Baby Girl Newborn Portraits” – 2016 Michael Anderson Photography.

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