Ashton’s Newborn Portraits

More newborn photos! This time we have an adorable baby boy in our studio. Here are some of Ashton’s newborn portraits!

One of Ashton's newborn portraits taken in a cute basket with his name spelled out in toy blocks.

Ashton at just eight days old!

Little Ashton dropped by our home studio yesterday for his newborn portraits. He brought mom, dad, and grandma (all the way from Florida) along to be entertained and supervise the show.

At just eight days old, Ashton is already a pretty strong little dude. He spent much of his time in the studio stretching and checking everything out. He even “hit” a bucket of golf balls while he was here!

By “hit”, I mean he hit the hay while “in” the bucket! Ashton didn’t sleep much while he was here in the studio, but he somehow managed to be comfortable while sleeping in a bucket of golf balls (the soft blanket and our infrared heater probably had something to do with it as well). It only proves that a baby can sleep ANYWHERE (and be pretty darn cute while doing so)!

Ashton's newborn portraits "hitting" a bucket of golf balls at just eight days old!

Ashton “hitting” a bucket of golf balls at just eight days old!

Ashton’s highlight music video has these fun images and much more, including a few family portraits with mom & dad too! His first family portrait at just eight days old. Very nice!

Since Ashton is off to such an early start to his golf career, I’m anxious to take him golfing this summer for his six-month portraits! Maybe he can help me to get off the tee box better! 🙂

We know you’ll enjoy Ashton’s cute newborn portraits. Thank you for watching!

“Ashton’s Newborn Portraits” – ©2016 Michael Anderson Photography.

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