Windows On Minnesota Wedding

Matt and Jennifer’s Beautiful Windows On Minnesota Wedding

It’s time to share some of Matt and Jennifer’s pretty Windows On Minnesota wedding photographs! With all of the activity we’ve had in our studio with Santa Claus the past two weekends, I’ve also been getting the images from Matt and Jennifer’s wedding ready for them too. What a wild and crazy month of November it’s been from a total image count standpoint.

A macro photo of wedding rings in a pretty table decorations at their Windows On Minnesota wedding reception.

Matt and Jennifer’s beautiful wedding rings.

When Jennifer approached us to be their wedding photographers, we had Santa Claus all set to visit our studio on November 4th and 11th. Their wedding date was November 4th. So in order to photograph Matt and Jennifer’s Windows On Minnesota wedding, we would need help from the North Pole. Thankfully, Santa had November 18th open, and he also informed us that Matt and Jennifer were also on the “nice list!” That made it an easy call. We were going to be their wedding photographers!

The bride and groom share a little kiss in the Crystal Court of the IDS Center in downtown Minneapolis, MN.

A kiss in the Crystal Court of the IDS Center.

A Wedding Up In The Clouds, Really

Joannie and I arrived and we hit the ground running. Just as we got off the elevator with our first load of gear, the videographers and one of the bridesmaids were carrying Jennifer’s pretty wedding dress across the IDS Crystal Court up to the 50th floor. So we all rode the elevator together, and before we did anything else, we took images of the dress and shoes “up in the clouds.” I say that because the cloud deck was pretty low all day. Heck, once their reception started, all you could see out the windows were clouds!

Matt and Jennifer’s Windows On Minnesota wedding ceremony was short, but oh so sweet! Moments after they were pronounced husband and wife, we took they two of them down to the IDS Center Crystal Court for a few images of the two of them alone. We captured some very pretty images in a short period of time there.

From there, we went back up 50 floors to their Windows On Minnesota wedding reception, dinner, and dance in the clouds! It was such a pretty reception, including a stunning sweets table just outside the main ballroom.

Bride and groom at by their spectacular treat table at their Windows On Minnesota wedding reception.

Matt & Jennifer by their specular treat table.

Light Painting Wedding Photography in the Crystal Court at IDS Center

Once the dance was well underway, Matt and Jennifer agreed to let us try something extra special with them. So Joannie and I set out to create another light painting wedding photograph back down 50 floors in the IDS Center Crystal Court. It is by far the most ambitious wedding photography light painting that we’ve undertaken yet. A major portion of the interior of a major skyscraper!

A classic wedding photo taken moments after their Windows On Minnesota wedding. Matt & Jennifer on the second floor in the Crystal Court of the IDS Center.

Matt & Jennifer on the second floor in the Crystal Court of the IDS Center.

I’m just starting the actual post-production on that, but I do believe we pulled it off! We’ll be sharing that in the days to come for sure. In the meantime, I’m pretty sure that everyone will enjoy the highlight music video I’ve created from their Windows On Minnesota wedding.

A huge thank you to Matt and Jennifer for asking us to be your wedding photographers. We’re so happy for you guys, and we look forward to creating a pretty wedding album with you very soon. – M&J

“Windows On Minnesota Wedding” – ©2017 Michael Anderson Photography.

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