Wedding Photography Minneapolis Marriott Northwest

Wedding Photography Minneapolis Marriott Northwest Wedding

Some of Griffith and Kathryn’s pretty wedding photography at the Minneapolis Marriott Northwest. Their wedding was held on Saturday, February 17th. This was a really wonderful wedding day filled with a lot of fun and laughter!

Wedding photography Minneapolis Marriott Northwest. Pretty window light portrait of the bride and groom.

A beautiful window light portrait of Griffith and Kathryn.

Pinch-Hitting For Joannie

As some of you may know, Joannie had surgery to repair two torn ligaments in her ankle in mid-January. She had a non-weight bearing restriction for 6 weeks, which unfortunately overlapped with Griffith and Kathryn’s Minneapolis Marriott Northwest wedding.

As you might imagine, it is kind of difficult to photograph a wedding (heck, even just attending one) if you can’t stand on two feet. So I had longtime friend and 30-year professional photographer, Michelle Schmidt, as my assistant for their wedding.

Michelle is a very talented photographer. She is also the person that got us to do Easter photos with live bunnies over 25 years ago! Working with her at Griffith and Kathryn’s wedding was very much like working with Joannie. They both have the same warm and caring personalities, and very similar wedding photography styles too. Michelle is also a window light expert (see above)! I wanted her to stay in her comfort zone, and she totally was. Thank you so much, Michelle!

Getting Ready Wedding Photographs

Michelle and I arrived at the bridal suite and got to work capturing images of the girls getting ready. The guys were just one floor above us, so I bounced back and forth between the two rooms taking candid wedding photos in both rooms. Michelle and I also took Kathryn’s wedding dress downstairs for some photos in their ballroom.

Wedding photography Minneapolis Marriott Northwest. Bride and groom kissing on the balcony at the hotel.

Griffith and Kathryn taken just after their first look on the balcony at the hotel.

Griffith and Kathryn had their first look out on the balcony inside at the Minneapolis Marriott Northwest. After their first look, Michelle and I captured some very nice wedding portraits of the two of them just prior to taking a short road trip with the wedding party.

Winter Wedding Photos

Since it wasn’t below zero for a change, we took the whole wedding party on a short wedding photo safari. We headed for winter wedding photographs at New Hope Village Golf Course in New Hope, MN. What was supposed to be an overcast day, actually was full sun. It made for challenging conditions lighting wise, but Michelle and I got it done!

Winter wedding photo of a wedding party outside at New Hope Village Golf Course in New Hope, MN.

The wedding party outside at New Hope Village Golf Course.

When we arrived at the golf course, it was much windier than we anticipated, so we worked very quickly. Can you say windchill? Thankfully the clubhouse had an event going on so the wedding party could step inside to warm up. Michelle and I were able to get several combinations photographed as well as whole wedding party photos with the cute ring bearer and flower girl too.

Family Wedding Photos

After arriving back at the hotel, at was family portrait time. This was a very enjoyable part of the day, with lots of hugs and laughter. Especially pretty were the window light images Michelle captured of Griffith and Kathryn.

Wedding photography Minneapolis Marriott Northwest. The bride's family wedding portrait.

Kathryn’s family wedding portrait.

Since their wedding ceremony time was approaching, our future newlyweds went into hiding. While I moved gear into place for the ceremony and photographed the ballroom, Michelle was creating her “window light photo magic” with those two cute kids. I’m not talking about the ring bearer and flower girl, although they were also photographed (and cute) too. No, I’m talking about portraits of grandma and grandpa! Very sweet.

Wedding photography Minneapolis Marriott Northwest. The groom's family wedding portrait.

Griffith’s family wedding portrait.

Minneapolis Marriott Northwest Wedding Ceremony

It was time for the main event. Griffith and Kathryn had a very nice wedding ceremony attended by their immediate families downstairs. An intimate, pretty ceremony that concluded with the announcement of the newest married couple in Minnesota!

Wedding photography Minneapolis Marriott Northwest. The bride slips the wedding ring on the groom's hand.

Kathryn slips the ring on Griffith’s hand.

Then right afterward, they went upstairs to greet all of their guests who were already at their wedding reception! A nice social hour was followed by dinner and dancing. All in all, a really wonderful wedding day!

Wedding photography Minneapolis Marriott Northwest. Bride and groom first dance.

Pretty wedding photo of Griffith and Kathryn during their dance.

Minneapolis Marriott Northwest Light Painting Wedding Photograph

Because it’s very time-consuming to finish a light painted wedding photo in post-production, Griffith and Kathryn’s wedding light painting is not completed yet. I’m still working on it.

Because it’s wintertime, I elected to create the light painting photo indoors. Michelle helped me choose the location and she hung around to help me out too. I’m not so sure that Michelle’s too keen on doing these by herself after watching me light paint. That’s ok, I’d like to remain the world’s only light painting wedding photographer for the time being!

As soon as this one is complete, I’ll be sharing it with you. I am pretty sure it’s going to turn out pretty cool! In the meantime, here’s their wedding photography highlight video. Enjoy!

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