Wedding at The Hutton House

Wedding at The Hutton House

Joannie and I are excited to share some of the images from Tony and Hannah’s pretty wedding and reception at The Hutton House in Medicine Lake, MN. Their wedding date was August 20th, a very warm and mostly dry Friday.

The bride and groom with their four cute junior attendants.

Tony and Hannah with their adorable junior attendants.

I say mostly dry, as it did start to rain on and off after dinner. But it was nothing that stopped everyone from having a fabulous celebration! We were even able to have a sparkler sendoff for Tony and Hannah while streaks of lightning lit up the western sky!

There’s A First Time For Everything

This was the first time that we’ve photographed a wedding at The Hutton House. I understand that it’s only a few years old. The Hutton House is a pretty property very near Medicine Lake in the western Minneapolis suburbs. It’s a mostly white building, with black accents, both inside and out. It also has a beautifully landscaped courtyard in the “backyard”. That’s where Tony and Hannah would be married that afternoon.

A fun wedding party photo taken at The Hutton House in Medicine Lake, MN.

The wedding party acting just like a wedding party!

The First Looks

Once Tony and Hannah were dressed and ready, we held their first look in front of the pretty white fireplace inside at The Hutton House. But before Tony could see his bride-to-be, Hannah’s dad, Joe, got the first honors!

Both Joe and Tony’s first looks were very fun to witness. Both of them had a little laughter and a few happy tears tossed in there as well!

Groom sees his bride for the first time at The Hutton House in Medicine Lake, MN.

Tony’s first look at his pretty Hannah at the start of their wedding day.

Because the outside temperature was in the upper 90s, we decided to take all of the pre-wedding formal photographs indoors using the fireplace area as the backdrop as well. That was a good call!

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony at The Hutton House

One of the cutest moments at Tony and Hannah’s wedding came right at the start of the ceremony when the two flower girls, Evelyn and Kalee entered. About 10 feet down the aisle, little Kalee did a “mic drop” with her flower basket (after dumping the entire contents) and then continued down the aisle only to turn and go back towards Hannah and her dad, who, by that time, were also coming down the aisle! Pretty darn cute!

Two flower girls going down the aisle at a wedding at The Hutton House in Medicine Lake, MN.

Evelyn and Kalee make their cute

Tony and Hannah’s wedding ceremony was presided over by a friend of theirs, Larry Piumbroeck. Larry did a great job of keeping it light and personal, and because it was so hot outside, short! Before you knew it, we had Minnesota’s newest newlyweds in our midst! Nice!

The bride and groom exchanging their wedding rings during their wedding ceremony.

Tony & Hannah exchanging their wedding rings.

The Party and the Park

After the ceremony, it was time to celebrate! Guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and drinks both inside and out at this pretty property. Because the rain was coming, Joannie and I took the opportunity to take Tony and Hannah across the street to a little park so that we could get some pretty images of our newlyweds before it got soggy.

Bride and groom kissing in a small park in Medicine Lake, MN.

Pretty in the park!

Dinner, Toasts, and a Sparkler Sendoff!

Tony and Hannah entered their dinner celebration to a rousing ovation! Joe then welcomed everyone and gave a nice speech to his daughter and her new husband Tony. Then, a wonderful dinner was served.

The bride and groom entering their wedding reception at The Hutton House in Medicine Lake, MN.

Tony & Hannah make their Grand Entrance!

During dinner, Hannah’s sister, and Maid of Honnor, Katie, gave a sweet toast and that was followed by funnyman, Tim, aka the Best Man, who made everyone laugh pretty hard!

By dinner’s end, it had been raining for a while. It stopped long enough so that we could sneak a little fun with a sparkler sendoff out in front of the building. It was so humid out that I needed about 10 minutes for my lens to defog before I could see anything through it! Thankfully, it took longer than that for everyone to assemble and to get their sparklers lit!

A fun wedding sparkler sendoff at The Hutton House in Medicine Lake, MN.

The sparkler sendoff!

Because the sparklers were the nice long ones, Tony and Hannah were able to make three passes through their wedding guests. It made for lots of fun and some pretty cool images too! In one of Joannie’s, you can see the lightning lighting up the western sky!

Thank You!

Joannie and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tony and Hannah for the honor of being your wedding photographers. We loved spending the day with you two and wish you a long, happy, and healthy life together! I look forward to working on your wedding album with you once you’re ready to do so.

We’ve got a cute highlight video that we’d like to share with you as a thank you. See you soon! – M&J

“Wedding at The Hutton House” © 2021 Michael Anderson Photography.

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