Varsity Girls Basketball Green Screen Composite

Girls Basketball Green Screen Composite of Nicole

Here’s a second Girls Basketball Green Screen Composite of Miss Nicole, a North Saint Paul Varsity Girls Basketball player.

Yesterday, I posted that we had a little creative fun in the Green Screen Portrait Studio with our cute niece Nicole. Nicole is a HUGE basketball fan (a big understatement) and plays for the North Saint Paul High School Girls Varsity Basketball team. Her brother Brandon, is home from college in Duluth and was nice enough to drive her to the studio on Tuesday afternoon so that we could create these fun images with his sister as the model.

Here’s what I’ve come up with a second image from the shoot; here’s the before image:

Green screen portrait of a North Saint Paul Varsity Girls basketball player before composite creation.

Green screen portrait before composite.

…and after a just “a little” fun in Photoshop:

A girls basketball green screen composite of a North Saint Paul Varsity Girls basketball player in a powder explosion on a wood gym floor.

Nicole in a powder explosion!

While I cannot take the credit for the entire concept. The training from my week-long class on Green Screen Compositing Techniques last April with a world-renowned photographer is paying off big time. I came away from that class thinking my head was going to explode! I had so many new ideas and techniques bouncing around inside my brain!

I’ve got more ideas for other team sports too! In addition to dance, baseball, hockey & football, of which we’ve done some pretty cool things already, I’m also looking for an entire basketball team (boys or girls) to test some new things out on. So if you know of a team or an individual in those sports that might be interested, please have them call Michael at the studio at 763-785-1177.

I’m also looking for girls softball, volleyball team and boys baseball teams too for another idea I have!

Thanks for taking a peek at this and have a Happy New Year! – M&J

“Girls Basketball Green Screen Composite” – ©2016 Michael Anderson Photography.

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