The Pavilion at Lake Elmo

Bryan and Emily’s wedding at The Pavilion at Lake Elmo

A pretty wedding photograph of the bride and groom on their wedding day. Image was created at Colby Lake Park in Woodbury, MN.

The newlyweds at Colby Lake Park.

Joannie and I had the pleasure of photographing Bryan and Emily’s pretty wedding at The Pavilion at Lake Elmo on Friday, September 8th. It was a beautiful day for a wedding and we took full advantage of the weather and did all of the formal wedding party and family photographs and many of their wedding candid photos at nearby Colby Lake Park in Woodbury.

A very cute wedding photograph of the bride, her four bridesmaids and two cute flower girls. Image was created at Colby Lake Park in Woodbury, MN.

The ladies!

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky all day, which is not exactly great lighting for portraits, but we kept everyone in the shade and used Lightning McQueen and another light stand as our fill lighting. It worked out great!

A fun wedding photograph taken at Colby Lake Park in Woodbury, MN. The groom, his four groomsmen and ring bearer are wearing sunglasses and showing off their mismatched socks.

Da boys.

Everyone really enjoyed being together at pretty Colby Lake Park. But nobody had more fun than the two cute flower girls, Ella and Avery, and Bryan and Emily’s adorable ring bearer, Malachi. Those three were not only super cute, but pretty fun to photograph too.

A fun wedding photograph of the whole wedding party wearing sunglasses and goofing off. Image was created at Colby Lake Park in Woodbury, MN.

Having a little fun!

The Ceremony at The Pavilion at Lake Elmo

We left Colby Lake Park and headed back to The Pavilion at Lake Elmo to prepare for their wedding ceremony. It was a fun wedding ceremony with tender moments along with some laughter and a few tears too. At its conclusion, we had Minnesota’s newest newlyweds in our midst. Pretty cool!

Bryan and Emily greeted all of their guests outdoors on this beautiful wedding day, and a fun social hour followed. When the doors to The Pavilion at Lake Elmo reopened for Bryan and Emily’s wedding reception, everything looked just beautiful!

A pretty wedding photograph of a bride and groom walking along a pathway and stopping to kiss. The wedding day image was created at Colby Lake Park in Woodbury, MN.

A kiss.

During dinner, both dad’s, and the maids of honor and best men all gave really nice speeches and toasted Bryan and Emily. Shortly afterward, Bryan and Emily cut their wedding cake, and it was an “unusual” cake cutting in where a piece of cake ended up while they were feeding each other. We’ll let you watch the highlight video to see what I mean.

Then it was time to dance! The dance floor was full all night long as everyone had a great time celebrating with Bryan and Emily.

Light Painting Wedding Photography

The Pavilion at Lake Elmo is a unique building in that it’s got these cool red windows and a rocky exterior. It also has some cool looking red exterior lights. So it was time for a wedding light painting!

Joannie and I set it all up and then had Bryan and Emily join us for a few minutes outside. Once we had the image captured of our newlyweds, they went back inside to dance and we set to work light painting the scene. I think it turned out pretty cool!

A starry night light painting wedding photograph created at The Pavilion at Lake Elmo.

A pretty light painting of Bryan & Emily at The Pavilion at Lake Elmo.

Here’s a very short video that shows many of the steps involved in creating a light painting wedding photograph:

Bryan and Emily, Joannie and I want to thank you two for the honor of being your wedding photographers. We had such a great day with you guys, your families, and friends. We hope you had a fantastic time in Alaska on your honeymoon! – M&J

“The Pavilion at Lake Elmo” – © Michael Anderson Photography.

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