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A beautiful 1967 Ford Mustang light painting created in front of Gregg's Garage Vintage Restored Gas Station.

1967 Ford Mustang Light Painting

1967 Ford Mustang Light Painting Last week during an amazing educational experience here in Chanhassen, MN, I had the opportunity to create a light painting of a beautiful 1967 Ford Mustang in the historic town of Carver, MN. This wasn’t just an ordinary light painting location. The backdrop for this awesome car was Gregg’s Garage

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Gregg's Vintage Gas Station light painting photograph created in Carver, MN.

Vintage Gas Station Light Painting

Vintage Gas Station Light Painting Before I get into the story behind my vintage gas station light painting photograph, I’d love to share the events leading up to it first. So here goes… Light Painting 2.0 Last week I attended an amazing educational experience right here in Chanhassen, MN! 39 photographers from 17 states and

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