Springbrook Nature Center Wedding Photos

Springbrook Nature Center Wedding Photos

It’s time to share some of Tim and Therese’s pretty Springbrook Nature Center wedding photos with you! They were married in front of close family and friends in early October. It was a cool, but beautiful fall afternoon at Springbrook Nature Center.

The family is very important to Tim and Therese, so the first Springbrook Nature Center wedding pictures I took were of Tim’s two daughter’s and his son-in-law. Then some of Tim alone while we waited for Therese to arrive. Tim said something to me like, it wasn’t really necessary, but between his daughter’s and myself, we convinced him to let me take a few photos of him alone.

The Queen Arrives

Therese arrived a short time later with somewhat of an entourage with her. It was the start of many family and friends arriving for their photographs. I photographed Therese in her pretty wedding gown, then some nice wedding portraits of her with Tim.

Springbrook Nature Center wedding photos of a bride, groom, and their two daughters.

Tim, Therese, and the girls.

From that point on, it was all about family and friends. Tim and Therese had prepared a list of the photos that they really wanted (always a good idea), and it was all family and friends. No problem.

Lightning McQueen

Tim and Therese’s Springbrook Nature Center wedding photographs would not look as great as they do if I didn’t use some lighting. While it was a nice day, it wasn’t “picture perfect”. The sky was pretty overcast, while much better than a sunny day, that’s still very tough to get light into eyes without some help.

I’ve had Lightning McQueen with me so much lately that I’ve been leaving him in the car until the fall color season is finished (which unfortunately is very soon)! There wasn’t much wind on that day, so I used softboxes on both Lightning and the other light stand that I had with me. The quality of light that 48″ and 36″ wide light sources give off is pretty sweet!

Springbrook Nature Center Wedding Ceremony

Springbrook Nature Center wedding photos of a wedding ceremony in the outdoor amphitheater.

Tim & Therese’s pretty wedding ceremony in the outdoor amphitheater.

It was now time for Tim and Therese to get married in the amphitheater at Springbrook. Their pretty ceremony was very sweet, and before you knew it, they were newlyweds! But a cute thing happened at the ceremony’s conclusion.

Springbrook Nature Center wedding photos of a couple exchanging wedding rings.

Tim and Therese exchanging wedding rings.

All weddings end with a first kiss and this one was certainly no different. But after this kiss (not a peck, but a real kiss), much of Therese’s lipstick was on Tim! Everyone got a chuckle out of it, and just to make sure, they kissed one more time! Nice!

The Fall Colors

On my way into the nature center amphitheater, I noticed a particularly pretty area of fall colors. That turned out to be our final photo stop for the day. I kind of insisted that Tim and Therese allow me to bring them there. It wasn’t out of the way or anything, but they were pretty content on having just their family and friends photographed.

Since I knew the potential that this photo spot could deliver, I pretty much insisted that we finish there. I think the photo below says it all.

Springbrook Nature Center wedding photos of a cute couple in the fall colors.

Tim and Therese in the pretty fall colors!

I’ve created a short highlight music video with many of the images that I created for Tim and Therese. It’s pretty cute and I thank you for taking the time to watch it and for reading our post.

Thank you, Tim and Therese, for asking me to capture your wedding photographs for you. I really enjoyed being a part of your pretty wedding.- M&J

“Springbrook Nature Center Wedding Photos” – © 2018 Michael Anderson Photography.

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