Semple Mansion Wedding

Semple Mansion Wedding of Vadim and Daniela

Joannie and I had the pleasure of photographing the Semple Mansion wedding of Vadim and Daniela this past Mother’s Day.

Bride and groom at the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, MN. Kissing in a field of dandelions with a couple of "photobombing" Canadian Geese.

Vadim and Daniela in a field of dandelions with a couple of “photobombing” Canadian Geese.

We don’t often get the amount of photography time that we had on Sunday to spend with just the “King & Queen” and their wedding party. From start to finish, we had more than four hours to take weddings photos of this fun cast of characters!

We began their wedding day in the Bridal Suite with the girls having lots of fun getting ready. At the same time, the boys were in the basement getting ready and shooting a little pool while waiting for the girls.

The First Look

Vadim & Daniela had their “first look” right on the front steps of the Semple Mansion and they really enjoyed the moment with their wedding party watching from a distance.

When their first look was concluded, we took the wedding party to the Mississippi Riverfront in downtown Minneapolis for more than two hours of wedding party photographs!

We covered lots of ground (literally), just ask the girls about walking that long and far in heals! From the Stone Arch Bridge and the Mill ruins right down on the Mississippi River, followed by a couple of “photobombing” Canadian Geese. We walked over to the area by the Mill City Museum and the Guthrie Theater (where Vadim proposed to Daniela) and then all the way back to the cars! More than two hours!

The Ceremony

Then it was time for Vadim and Daniela’s Semple Mansion wedding ceremony! The Semple Mansion is a unique setting for a wedding ceremony with high ceilings and beautiful decor. The only catch (for Joannie and myself anyway) was that the entire ceremony was spoken in Russian! It would have been fun to know exactly what was said, but it sure was pretty!

At the conclusion of the ceremony, everyone gathered outside on the front porch of the Semple Mansion for a casual receiving line and impromptu candid portraits with Vadim and Daniela.

Vadim and Daniela’s wedding reception followed up on the pretty third-floor ballroom. The reception was full of speeches, really pretty live music and a very tasty dinner; all spoken in Russian as well! Everyone had a great time and a fun evening!

We with a couple of nighttime wedding photos on the front steps of the Semple Mansion.

Thank you!

Vadim and Daniela, thank you for a fun and very interesting day with you at your wonderful Semple Mansion Wedding. I wish we could have understood more of what was said. But we could tell that it was very special by the way that everyone reacted throughout your wedding celebration.


Semple Mansion wedding night image of the bride and groom on the front steps.

Night image of Vadim and Daniela on the front steps of the Semple Mansion.

Semple Mansion Wedding of Vadim and Daniela” – © 2014 Michael Anderson Photography.

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