Saint Anthony Main Engagement Photos

Saint Anthony Main Engagement Photos

It is time to share some of Mark and Jenna’s pretty early fall Saint Anthony Main engagement photos with you! I had the pleasure of creating their engagement portraits with them last Tuesday afternoon at his beautiful location in downtown Minneapolis, MN.

We began their Saint Anthony Main engagement photographs under the 3rd Avenue Bridge, right across the street from the historic Saint Anthony Main Theater. Pretty much any time that I work in that area, the theater is where I’ll meet my clients. It’s pretty easy to spot, and it’s been there a long time.

Saint Anthony Main engagement photos of a cute couple in the woods.

Mark and Jenna in a lush green location at St. Anthony Main.

Watch Out For The Pigeons

The area under the 3rd Street Bridge is kind of cool looking with a light colored, grungy, urban look. I just try not to look up too much because of all of the pigeons hanging out above, if you know what I mean!

It was a decent evening weather wise. A bit on the cool side, but little or no wind and it wasn’t raining (at least at the beginning). The fall color wasn’t as progressed as I had hoped, but it sure was lush and green with all of the rain we’ve been having this fall. We did find a little color here and there and I tried to capture it for them as best I could.

Saint Anthony Main engagement photos of a cute couple in the early fall colors.

Mark and Jenna in the early fall colors.

Tale of Three Bridges

Besides the 3rd Street Bridge, we used both the Merriam Street Bridge and the famous Stone Arch Bridge for some of Mark and Jenna’s Saint Anthony Main engagement pictures. Three bridges, with three totally different styles and looks.

When you watch their highlight music video below, you’ll see what I mean. All three structures make for great engagement photo opportunities at St. Anthony Main. The Stone Arch Bridge is most definitely the most photographed and by far the busiest of the three. There’s bikers, joggers, and walkers almost all of the time. You have to be very careful when your on that bridge not to get hit by a biker flying by.

On this evening, it was only moderately busy on the bridge. So it was nice not having a bazillion people in their background all of the time. The cool temps probably had something to do with the lighter crowd levels.

Lightning McQueen

Behind the Scenes Saint Anthony Main engagement photos of our very own custom built lighting cart in action. We call it "Lightning McQueen"!

Our very own “Lightning McQueen” in action!

As I often do on most portrait assignments, I had “Lightning McQueen” with me to make Mark and Jenna’s engagement portraits look much better. The difference is often very dramatic. Even on a soft overcast night like this one was, the difference is often night and day.

As you can see in the photo above, Lightning also serves as a carry-all too!

Engagement portrait "before and after" lighting comparison using our custom built lighting cart.

Before and after lighting comparison.

“Let’s Play Hockey!”

Mark and Jenna meet while playing hockey on a mixed league, so it only made sense that hockey was incorporated into their engagement portraits at least a little bit. They had their hockey sticks with them and we used them in a couple of locations, including a “face-off” on the Stone Arch Bridge!

Saint Anthony Main engagement photos of a couple "facing-off" with their hockey sticks on the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, MN.

“The Face-off”

A July Wedding Date

Mark and Jenna will be getting married next July at Vadnais Heights Commons in none other than Vadnais Heights, MN. Joannie and I are very honored to be their wedding photographers! In the meantime, here’s their fun music video! Thank you for reading our post and have a great Sunday! – M&J

“Saint Anthony Main Engagement Photos” – © 2018 Michael Anderson Photography.

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