North Shore Senior Portraits of Maggie

North Shore Senior Portraits of Maggie

We had six high school seniors have their senior portraits created on our 22nd annual North Shore Weekend this year. We’re showcasing the North Shore senior portraits of Maggie first.

North shore senior portraits of Maggie by a rocky cliff near Lake Superior.

Maggie by the rocky Lake Superior shoreline.

Maggie along with her mom Marsha made a day trip out of it. And what a great road trip it was too! We met up with Maggie and mom at the Dairy Queen in Two Harbors, MN. It was a short drive to the Two Harbors ore docks area the Lake Superior shores at a field full of yellow wildflowers.

Some Like It Hot!

It was a mostly sunny, warm and very humid day on the north shore (very un-north shore like weather). In fact, it was hot and humid both of the days we were shooting up there. Last year, I believe I wore jeans and a jacket both days up north, this year it was shorts and a tee shirt, and it was still too warm. That’s our weird Minnesota weather for ya!

We did our best all weekend to keep our clients out of the sun, and with Maggie, it was no exception. Since there are nice places for senior pictures all over Lake Superior, we didn’t have to go far for some shade and very pretty backgrounds.

North shore senior portraits of Maggie taken in Superior National Forest near Lake Superior.

Maggie in the pretty forest.

Life Is A Beach

We made our way up the shoreline with a stop at Iona’s Beach. Also, known as “Pink Beach”, Iona’s beach is our go-to spot the past couple of years due to the pretty forest there. There’s also rocky cliff that gives us shelter from both the sun and wind. Thankfully, the winds were very light on both Saturday and Sunday this year. The sun however was a problem both days.

While still better than wind or rain, a sunny day brings on a whole new set of challenging conditions to make senior photographs in. Simply put, direct sun makes for awful portrait lighting. Thankfully, we brought a car full of studio lighting to combat the sun, and it really paid off for every senior portrait session this year.

After leaving Iona’s Beach, we headed to our final stop at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park for our traditional images with the famous lighthouse in the distance.

North shore senior portraits of Maggie created at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.

Maggie at Split Rock.

A big thank you to Maggie & Marsha for joining us “up north” this year! We really enjoyed getting to know you both, and we thank you for asking as to capture this major event in your family’s history!

As I plan on doing for each of our North Shore seniors, I’ve created a fun highlight video that showcases the North Shore senior portraits of Maggie. Joanie & I hope you enjoy it! – M&J


“North Shore Senior Portraits of Maggie” – © 2017 Michael Anderson Photography.

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