Mayowood Stone Barn Wedding

Here’s our “Image of the Day” from Derek and Lydia’s Mayowood Stone Barn wedding in Rochester, MN.

The wedding photograph of the day is from a Mayowood Stone Barn wedding in Rochester MN.

This is a truly amazing place for a wedding celebration and wedding photography too! Everywhere you turn there are really wonderful locations all over the property for taking wedding photographs. From the huge oak tree, the barn and stables to the tree swing and great stone walls, Mayowood Stone Barn weddings are really fun to photograph!

I totally enjoyed this wedding on the eve of my birthday. Everyone was so fun to hang around with and the location made it totally fun to be a wedding photographer. So many great wedding photo spots!

Mayowood Stone Barn Wedding. Mayowood Stone Barn weddings are truly beautiful and very unique.

Mayowood Stone Bard weddings. A photograph of the bride and groom under a huge oak tree.

“Mayowood Stone Barn Wedding” – © Michael Anderson Photography.

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