Marcus’ One-Year-Old Photos

Marcus’ One-Year-Old Photos

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of creating Marcus’ one-year-old photos right here at our Mounds View, MN studio. What made it extra special is that it was actually Marcus’ birthday! It was cool that we were able to schedule it that way.

I photographed Marcus as a three-day-old newborn last year, which seems like just a few weeks ago. I’m sure the time is flying by just as quickly for Gina & Dave (mom and dad) too! Heck, it seems like just a year ago (it was actually in 2015) that Joannie and I photographed their Profile Event Center wedding in Minneapolis, MN!

Marcus' one-year-old photos barefoot and wearing a cute sweater vest.

“Ready for college!”

Marcus is right on the cusp of walking full time. Like all babies, he just lacks the confidence to make a go of it. He’s certainly strong enough, he pulled himself up on several occasions during his one-year-old portraits. He also played “furniture mover” while he was here, moving props at will. I’d say that in about a week or two he’ll be fully on his way with his new “wheels”!

Marcus' one-year-old photos with a giant birthday ballon.

Our one-year-old sporting a ballon and tee shirt to proclaim it to the world!

Off To College?

Mom started him out in a super cute outfit and we let him show us what he had. A cute sweater vest, a red shirt, and pants. All that, along with his cute little bare feet, made Marcus look like he was going off to college! In those first one-year-old pictures, Marcus was instantly very happy, smiling, and pushing things all over the set! It was almost like he was showing off for the camera!

Marcus' one-year-old photos sitting in a wooden crate.

Marcus poses in the same wooden crate that he slept in when he was a three-day-old newborn baby!

Outfit number two was a simple white tee with “ONE” on the front. Pretty much tells the theme of the day! Mom and dad suggested that we put him in the same prop that we used when he was three-days-old. So we gave it a shot. Marcus didn’t mind it one bit and in fact stayed in the wooden crate the whole time playing with one of his party balloons on a string.

Having His Cake And Eating It Too

As we do almost every time we celebrate while creating portraits of one-year-old babies, it was time for some cake! Marcus was not really that thrilled with the idea, barely eating any of it. He did manage to get fairly messy, which is the whole idea in the first place! – M&J

Marcus' one-year-old photos eating birthday cake!

“Somebody get me some milk!”

“Marcus’ One-Year-Old Photos” – © 2018 Michael Anderson Photography.

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