Adorable Three Day Old Baby Boy

Portraits of an Adorable Three-Day-Old Baby Boy!

I had the pleasure of photographing little Marcus David along with his parents, Dave & Gina, at our studio yesterday afternoon. Talk about a mellow little guy! I can say that I haven’t had a baby this easy going in quite some time. Little Marcus slept almost the entire time, making only a very minor fuss when it was time for something to eat, then it was back to sleep!

Tight close up newborn portrait of an adorable three day old baby boy in his father's arms.

What a little cutie!

It was funny that when Joannie walked into “the cave” (AKA my office, where I do all of my editing in the dark) while I was tweaking a few of the images in Photoshop, she said that Marcus just “looked like” he was a mellow baby. That was before I had said anything about the session!

A sweet family portrait taken during their adorable three day old baby boy portrait session.

Dave, Gina and their cute little guy Marcus David.

As a cute little side note, here’s a fun story for you. I noticed on Facebook that little Marcus David was born at 11:46 am on Tuesday morning. I sent them congratulations at 3:41 pm and Gina replied almost immediately: “When do we get to see you for newborn photos???”. So within four hours of entering into our world, little Marcus had his first professional portraits scheduled! Nice!

Mom and dad holding their adorable three day old baby boy together.

Little Marcus is in good hands!

Joannie & I had the honor of photographing Dave & Gina’s fun wedding back on May 16th, 2015 at the Profile Event Center in Minneapolis, MN.

On this Friday afternoon, it was all about Marcus. The little guy slept through almost all of his newborn photos! We were able to create family portraits, some with just mom and with just his dad, and of course newborn portraits of Mr. Marcus himself

Monsters Inc.

Dave & Gina are big Disney Pixar fans just like Joannie & I are. So when they showed me the cute Monsters, Inc. blanket that one of Gina’s coworkers made for Marcus, I was very happy to capture some images of their “little Sully” for them!

Portrait of an adorable three day old baby boy wearing a Sully comforter from the Disney Pixar movie Monsters Inc.

Marcus dressed up like Sully!

Just one of the cute moments that make creating newborn portraits so much fun!

Mom and dad holding their adorable three day old baby boy's feet in their heart shaped hands.

Lovin’ the little dude!

To Dave and Gina, I totally enjoyed your visit! It was so great catching up with you two. Marcus is absolutely adorable and I thank you for the honor of creating your first profession family portraits for you! Joannie & I are very excited for you both and we look forward to watching your family grow. – M&J

“Adorable Three Day Old Baby Boy” – ©2017 Michael Anderson Photography.

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