Majestic Oaks Golf Club Wedding Reception For Katie and Steve

Katie and Steve’s Majestic Oaks Golf Club Wedding Reception

We start off right after the ceremony with lots of great wedding party photographs. Many taken after a short trolley ride to downtown Anoka, Minnesota. Part One of Steve and Katie’s wedding day can be enjoyed here.

Bride, groom and their wedding party at Billy's Bar & Grill and more in downtown Anoka,MN!

Steve and Katie’s wedding party at Billy’s and more in downtown Anoka!

Anoka is one of my favorite wedding and portrait photography areas in the Twin Cities. We photograph there many times throughout the year for high school senior, kid’s photos and engagement portrait sessions too. With one great photo spot after another. Joannie and I could spend a whole day with a wedding party in downtown Anoka and no one would get bored!

We start out this wedding day with Steve and Katie along with the entire wedding party near the Rum River by some old feed silos. I’m pretty sure that if we had enough food (and beer) we would still be there with the guys! This is one fun loving wedding party!

Wedding Party Photos in Anoka, MN

We wandered into downtown Anoka for some street “urban wedding” photography and these guys and gals didn’t miss a beat. A couple of the boys got a bit distracted, but we managed to gather them together for a lot of great wedding images. Because they were “good boys and girls” we let them visit Billy’s Bar & Grill for some “milk and cookies” if you know what I mean. We all had a really fun time there in Anoka! I wish we had more time, but there was a wedding reception to attend with even more fun to come.

Majestic Oaks Golf Club Wedding Photos

So off we went to Majestic Oaks Golf Club in Ham Lake, Minnesota for the reception, dinner, and dance! There are lots of candid images of guests just having fun. It was just a great, fun reception for everybody.

With such a beautiful day weather wise, lots of guests enjoyed parts of the evening on the rooftop deck at Majestic Oaks. We even got the wedding party out by the lake at sunset for some really pretty wedding photographs. Some of the photographs of Katie and Steve with the “sweet light” at sunset and their reflections in the lake are just stunning!

Beautiful wedding portraits of a bride and groom enjoying a beautiful sunset. Photo taken at Majestic Oaks Golf Club in Ham Lake, MN.

Steve and Katie enjoying a beautiful sunset at Majestic Oaks.

The video’s final image has the “Card Club” Charter Members (not really “kids” anymore). Many of them are now sporting significant others. And two of them, our Jenny and Andrew’s wife Lindsay are pregnant with future members of The Club!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these two wedding highlight music videos as much as we enjoyed creating them for you. Thank you, Katie and Steve, for a really fun day with you, your families and wedding party. We had an awesome day!

One last little note to Janet; no I cannot call this a “JoJo Movie!”

“Majestic Oaks Golf Club Wedding Reception For Katie and Steve” – Images and video © 2013 Minnesota’s Husband and Wife Wedding Photography Team at Michael Anderson Photography.

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