Lake Superior Senior Photographs

Lindsey’s Lake Superior Senior Photographs

We’ve got Lindsey’s Lake Superior senior photographs ready to share with you! Lindsey, along with her mom and her sister, Gail, and Mady, came along too. They even got in a few of the images as well.

Lindsey’s Lake Superior senior portraits were part of our annual “North Shore Weekend” for 2019. This year, we had pretty decent weather, other than a few light rain showers when we arrived at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park later in the afternoon. Nothing we couldn’t deal with by using our “jumbo” umbrella!

Behind-the-scenes Lake Superior senior photographs in the rain.

Behind-the-scenes (and under the umbrella) at Split Rock.

The Bridge

We began in Duluth, MN in the area surrounding the famous Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge. Since it was pretty sunny at this point in the day, we found pockets of shade to work in. I also used a fair amount of added flash in a 48″ softbox. “Lightning McQueen” did not make the trip as the terrain on the North Shore is not very conducive to using a cart with wheels. We just simply carried everything from location to location.

Behind-the-scenes Lake Superior senior photographs at Lester Park in Duluth, MN.

Behind-the-scenes at Lindsey’s senior photoshoot by the river at Lester Park in Duluth, MN.

After leaving downtown Duluth, we caravaned to our second stop at Lester Park. We created quite a few of Lindsey’s Lake Superior senior pictures at this spot. It’s one of the places that we stop at almost every year because it’s not too crowded, has lots of shade, and it’s got a lot a wide variety of backgrounds.

Lake Superior senior photographs created at Lester Park in Duluth, MN.

Lindsey, “The Class of 2020!

Two Harbors

Our third senior photo location was a quick stop in downtown Two Harbors, MN. Since we discovered this spot a few years ago, we use it almost every year as well. It’s got interesting brick backgrounds, and it faces north, so lots of shade. Two Harbors also has the nice side-benefit of having a Dairy Queen too! Gotta stop there!

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

Our final stop was at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park. When we pulled into the parking lot, it was starting to sprinkle. Nothing like last year when we had steady rain, but a nuisance none-the-less. Out came our jumbo umbrella!

While it’s technically not a rain umbrella, it does the job very nicely. With a little Photoshop work in post-production, it just disappears!

Lake Superior senior photographs created at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.

Lindsey, in the rain, at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.

Lindsey’s senior pictures at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park turned out pretty cool! A lot of great images with the lighthouse, cliffs, and even in a field of wildflowers too! We also included some with her mom and sister as well. At the conclusion, we even created a couple of images under the picnic shelter (out of the rain).

We hope you’ve enjoyed Lindsey’s Lake Superior senior photographs. Her images are fantastic and we enjoyed creating them with her. We’ve got her cute highlight music video at the link down below.

Very soon, we’ll have even more of Lindsey’s senior photos taken in her Forest Lake High School hockey gear and a really cool light painted photograph too! Watch for those images in the days to come! – M&J

Lake Superior Senior Photographs” © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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