Downtown Minneapolis Senior Portraits

Downtown Minneapolis Senior Portraits

We’d love to share some of Joe’s downtown Minneapolis senior portraits with you. I met up with Joe and his mom and dad, Susan and Mike, at Saint Anthony Main to create his senior photos as well as a family portrait or two. It was a glorious evening weather-wise. The four of us took a nice leisurely stroll stopping at different locations to create Joe’s senior portraits.

As a side note, Joannie and I photographed Joe and Susan’s wedding back on September 14th, 1991!

One of Joe's downtown Minneapolis senior portraits created under the 3rd Avenue Bridge.

A nice senior photo of Joe taken under the 3rd Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis.

Stuff Happens

I arrived for Joe’s downtown Minneapolis senior photos and got Lightning McQueen all set up to help me in the lighting department. So far so good.

As I was getting my camera ready, I dropped the device that triggers the strobes that Lightning uses onto the cobblestone street. It promptly broke into two pieces. Time to invent a “Plan B”. On this evening I would be a natural light photographer. I took Lightning McQueen apart and put him back in the car. Thankfully, the western sky was lightly overcast giving off a pretty soft light in some directions. It would have to do.

Plan B

We met up in front of the Saint Anthony Main Theater. I explained my little boo-boo and let them know I’d be improvising as needed. The good news is that there are so many areas for photography in that part of Minneapolis. I’m used to working wherever I wish, light-wise because I always bring my own lights with me.

This situation was good in that I had to improvise and look at things differently than I’m used to. That’s not really a bad thing. The toughest part was when Joe told me that he really wanted images on the Stone Arch Bridge with Minneapolis in the background. Without any of my strobes, that was not going to fly at that hour of the day, unless he likes silhouettes!

Downtown Minneapolis senior portraits of Joe by the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, MN.

A nice close-up portrait of Joe.

At that point, I had already decided that I’d be asking them to do a second session. Knowing that Joe wanted that shot sealed the deal. So, one week later, we created more downtown Minneapolis senior pictures for Joe. That night turned out to be nearly identical wether-wise, so that was good.

We Nailed It!

On the second night, not only were we able to get the bridge images that Joe wanted, but we also got a lot more! Joe, Susan, and I even crossed the Stone Arch Bridge and created quite a few images on the other side of the Mississippi River too!

Downtown Minneapolis senior portraits of Joe on the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, MN.

Joe on the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, MN.

We closed out the evening back on the St. Anthony Main side by creating a one-of-kind light painting for Joe! I’ll be sharing that unique image with you very soon. Until then, thank you for reading our post and have a great one!

Downtown Minneapolis Senior Portraits” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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