Kylie’s Eight Month Baby Portraits

Little Kylie’s adorable eight-month baby portraits!

Eight month baby portraits of an adorable little girl all dressed in white.

Kylie all dressed in white.

Kylie’s Eight-Month Baby Portraits

With all of the weddings and engagement portrait sessions that we’ve been doing, you’d think that we don’t create any other kind of portraits anymore. Nothing could be further from the truth; although over the last four weeks or so it does seem like it!

The other day I had a little visitor in our studio for her eight-month baby portraits. Miss Kylie Ann was back, and she’s getting bigger and even cuter than ever (if that’s even possible)! This little sweetie pie has been here for her newborn portraits and also as a cute little four-month-old too!

Grandma arrived first with a brand new wardrobe for Miss Kylie to wear for her eight-month baby photos. Don’t you just gotta love grandmas! When Miss Kylie arrived a short time later, the toughest part of the whole photo session was deciding on which of the cute outfits she should wear as mom and dad brought some too!

Kylie got all dressed up in an adorable white outfit with a cute white fury coat and we got started with some of her cute eight-month baby portraits in our new “baby lounger” complete with strings of pearls to capture and keep Kylie’s attention. Pretty darn cute!

For outfit number two, I suggested that we try some of Kylie’s eight-month baby pictures outdoors in our Portrait Park since it was reasonably nice outside and there were lots of pretty leaves on the ground for Kylie to have fun in. So we gave it a try and Kylie enjoyed it very much! More cute images!

Eight month baby portraits of a cute girl in a pile of fall leaves at Anderson's Portrait Park in Mounds View, MN.

Playin’ in the leaves!

For outfit number three, it was back in the studio and a simple little set I put together for our tiny star of the show. Kylie is at the age where moving around is a lot more fun than sitting still, so we placed her in the small wooden crate to help her sit up safely and as a side benefit to keep her actually in her eight month baby pics!

Eight month baby portraits of an adorable little girl taken in the studio.

All boxed up!

We hope you’ve enjoyed Miss Kylie’s eight month baby portraits and her highlight music video. What’s not to like? She’s just too cute!


“Kylie’s Eight Month Baby Portraits” – ©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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