John P. Furber Farm Wedding

Here are some of the highlights from Kevin & Andrea’s John P. Furber Farm wedding on September 16th.

Bride & groom wearing blue sunglasses that everyone wore to their John P. Furber Farm wedding ceremony.

Fun in the sun!

Andrea is the daughter of our best man, Bob and his wife Laurie. All along, Andrea insisted that Joannie & I attend her wedding as guests and not as her wedding photographers as we were for her brother Buddy & his wife Diana‘s wedding about a year ago.

Well, life sometimes can throw you a curveball. The night before their wedding, I received a phone call from Andrea. Her photographer was in the hospital and not going to be able to photograph her wedding, could I please be their wedding photographer? Well, of course, I said yes! I’m just glad she didn’t ask me to be her florist! 🙂

Since we didn’t know about this for more than about 18 hours ahead of time, Joannie was at her day job on that Friday and not able to arrive until wedding time. No problem, I’m very capable of “flying solo” as a wedding photographer. I wanted Joannie to have fun like Andrea intended, so I took on all of the photography duties and let her enjoy being a wedding guest.

This was my first John P. Furber Farm wedding and I enjoyed walking around the grounds and checking out the cool barn on the property. It’s a very nice rustic wedding venue to be sure.

For me, Kevin & Andrea’s John P. Furber Farm wedding day began with the photos of all decor that they had in the barn and all around the ceremony site. Then I captured images of Andrea and the girls getting ready up in the loft and also images of the boys getting ready in the lower level.

Some of Andrea’s prepping images included several of the wedding veils that the grandmothers and moms had worn at their weddings in the past. They were set amongst their formal wedding portraits on the cute sofa right there in the loft.

The bride poses with her grandmothers wedding veils and their wedding portraits. Photo taken just prior to her John P. Furber Farm wedding ceremony.

Andrea and some family wedding heirlooms.

The Wedding Ceremony

Kevin & Andrea’s John P. Furber Farm wedding ceremony was up next and it was presided over by Kevin’s dad. It was a very nice wedding ceremony with personal stories with a little bit of humor tossed in there on this bright, sunny Friday in Cottage Grove, MN.

Pretty ultra wide angle view at a John P. Furber Farm wedding ceremony. Wedding photo taken with a Canon 15mm Fisheye lens.

Fisheye ceremony view.

The bride and groom with their arms in the air at the conclusion to their John P. Furber Farm wedding ceremony.


After the wedding ceremony, Kevin and Andrea greeted their guests in a receiving line and shortly thereafter, I photographed the families and the wedding party on the shady hillside right by the ceremony site.

Classic bridal portrait of the bride and groom. The pretty backlit photo was taken after their John P. Furber Farm wedding ceremony.

The newlyweds!

John P. Furber Farm wedding photo of the wedding party having a little fun after the ceremony.

Time to party!

The wedding reception, dinner, and dance were a blast as we all helped the newlyweds celebrate the night away! I ended my photography coverage with some images of several generations of family wedding rings along with Andrea’s bouquet in the background.

Macro photograph of five generations of the bride's family's wedding rings with her bouquet in the background. Photo taken at their John P. Furber Farm wedding reception.


The final image was “light painted” of the moonrise in the trees over the dirt road leading into John P. Furber Farm. We got that image done just before a rainstorm came through the area.

Bride & groom watching the full moonrise during their John P. Furber Farm wedding reception. Image was light painted from several flash exposures.


Kevin and Andrea, thank you for not hesitating to ask me to fill in for you on your wedding day. I didn’t mind working at your wedding and I’m very happy that I could help you out. Enjoy your wedding photographs!

“John P. Furber Farm Wedding” – ©2016 Michael Anderson Photography.

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