Immaculate Heart of Mary Wedding

Wedding Photography Highlights from the Immaculate Heart of Mary wedding of Julian and Hannah!

Julian and Hannah at Immaculate Heart of Mary in Minnetonka, MN.

Julian and Hannah at Immaculate Heart of Mary

Last Saturday, Julian and Hannah were married in a beautiful, musical and fun wedding at Immaculate Heart of Mary in Minnetonka, MN.

Their wedding day was so much fun that we’re going to make this a two-parter and have two wedding highlight videos!

We start out this really fun wedding with the “Queen” arriving along with her mom and the bridesmaids. There are fun candid wedding photos of them getting ready and then Hannah seeing her dad for his first look at his beautiful daughter.

We follow that with Julian’s first look at Hannah and some fun bridal portraits of this cute couple before everyone else arrived. Family and wedding party portraits follow with several candid images tossed in there too.

Then we have some interesting photos of Finn the two-year-old ring bearer (right after, or should I say interrupting his nap) to join the wedding party for one quick cameo. Guess not. Well, he’s still pretty cute; just didn’t feel like it. Something to give him a hard time about the rest of his life. Should be pretty easy since we’ve got movies and pictures of it!

A Really Pretty Wedding Ceremony

Then it’s time for this great couple to get married in what turned out to be a really wonderful ceremony with lots of beautiful music. Hannah is the Music Director at Immaculate Heart of Mary, so it goes without saying that the music was extra special! A wonderful job by the choir.

The ceremony itself was really unique in that several times the stories told about Julian and Hannah by Father David Ostrowski brought loud laughter by most everyone in the congregation. Not just a few chuckles, it was outright loud! Nice!

So we end part one with the newlyweds coming down the aisle after their first kiss and in the bus with the wedding party ready for the celebration to begin. That will be part two. You can enjoy Part Two right here!

“Immaculate Heart of Mary Wedding” – Images and video ©2013 Minnesota’s Husband and Wife Wedding Photography Team at Michael Anderson Photography.

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