Hazeltine National Golf Club Wedding Reception

Brandon and Coley’s Hazeltine National Golf Club Wedding Reception Highlights!

Here’s the finale of Brandon and Coley’s wonderful wedding day back on October 18th. This time it’s their incredibly fun Hazeltine National Golf Club wedding reception in Chaska, MN!

Part One was all about everything leading up to their wedding ceremony and arriving at the reception we pick it up from there in the finale.

Hazeltine National Golf Club Wedding Reception. Bride and groom at Hazeltine National Golf Club's ballroom.

Brandon and Coley in the center of Hazeltine National’s ballroom.

Highlights begin with Brandon and Coley in the center of their beautiful ballroom followed by their announcement in their Grand March and their first dance as husband and wife. Fun toasts and dad’s first dance with Coley followed, then the unexpected (for us anyway) dueling pianos got the crowd all fired up.

Dave and Ted of Deuces Wild!

Joannie and I have seen all kinds of entertainment at weddings throughout the years, but never “a show” as part of the festivities. Dave and Ted actually had everyone bring their chairs out on the dance floor and put on a really funny and entertaining pre-dance show that had everyone laughing and having tons of fun! When the show ended, they brought in a drummer and played dance music all night long. Two words sum it up: “Freakin’ Awesome.”

I’m pretty sure you can tell by our images that Brandon and Coley’s reception will not soon be forgotten by anyone who attended their fun wedding! Thank you, Brandon and Coley, for a really great wedding experience with you, your families and friends!

“Brandon and Coley’s Hazeltine National Golf Club Wedding Reception Highlights!” – Images and video ©2013 Minnesota’s Husband and Wife Wedding Photography Team of Michael and Joannie Anderson.

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