Hawaiian Destination Weddings – Willie and Brittany

Beautiful Hawaiian Destination Weddings.

Aloha! Joannie and I can tell you first hand that Hawaiian destination weddings are so much fun! And if you are the destination wedding photographers for one of these beautiful events, you are in for an awesome photographic experience! You simply have beauty everywhere and there’s not enough time in a wedding day to capture it all!

Joannie and I have just returned from Willie and Brittany’s stunning Hawaiian destination wedding! Here are a few wedding photos from their wonderful wedding at the Hilton Waikoloa Village. The Hilton Waikoloa is located on the Big Island of Hawaii!

Hawaiian destination wedding. Bride and groom at sunset on the Pacific Ocean at Hilton Waikoloa Village. After enhancement.

Willie and Brittany’s Hawaiian wedding sunset.

Getting The Right Wedding Photography Equipment to a Destination Wedding

The most challenging part of being a destination wedding photographer is getting all of your photograph gear there and in one piece! No offense to any baggage handlers out there, but my camera gear is not going to be in my checked luggage. That being said, let’s just say that our carry-on luggage wasn’t very lightweight!

I toted a large camera bag and also a stuffed photo backpack as our two carry-ons. Joannie wasn’t too keen on giving up her carry-on, but we needed all of that camera gear! So I compromised a little bit by packing curling irons and other goodies in and around my camera gear. I’m pretty certain that both camera bags weighed well over 40 pounds a piece! Since neither camera bag has wheels, I got a pretty good workout when we transferred planes in Arizona.

Golf Anyone?

To get our light stands there, I used one of our golf club airport bags (but no golf clubs) to transport them and a tripod to Hawaii. When it was all said and done, I had much wedding photography gear that we take to weddings when we’re driving our car to weddings back here in Minnesota.

Willie and Brittany’s Hawaiian Destination Wedding Photos

We have multiple posts about this beautiful wedding. Part One is all about the day before the wedding with family portraits created at the Hilton Waikoloa. It also starts the actual wedding day out with everyone getting ready for the wedding.

Part Two is all about the Hawaiian wedding ceremony right on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. It also includes family portraits taken after the ceremony on a picture perfect wedding day in Hawaii.

Part Three is all about wonderful bridal portraits of Willie and Brittany taken all over the resort. It concludes with pretty outdoor reception photos and beautiful, fun dance photos right on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Absolutely breathtaking!

There’s also an entire blog post all about this stunning full moon that resulted in some magical wedding photos right over the dance floor!

Destination Wedding Photography

Moonrise Kiss.

Mahalo (thank you) to Willie and Brittany for asking us to capture their awesome Hawaiian destination wedding photos! Aloha from Mike and Joannie!

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