Guardian Angels Wedding Photos

Guardian Angels Wedding Photos

It’s time to share Brandon & Amy’s Guardian Angels wedding photos from their October 20th, wedding! This was yet another great wedding day despite the fact that we all woke up to high winds and snow bursts. The wind decided to stay around for much of the day, but thankfully the snowy part pretty much stopped by the afternoon.

Joannie and I arrived and photographed Amy’s dress, shoes, and accessories out in the sanctuary before Brandon arrived. The spot I chose for the dress was the big windows on the west side of the church. There was one sugar maple there in full fall color that I wanted to use as part of the backdrop for her beautiful wedding gown.

Sunny, Cloudy, Snowy, and Windy

The weather just couldn’t make up its mind on that Saturday. One minute it was sunny, then cloudy, then it was snowing. The only constant was the wind. And there was plenty of that all day long!

At this point early in their wedding day, I was thinking that using the window scene as a background might be the only “outdoor” photos we might get on that wintery October Saturday. I’m very thankful that I was wrong, as we did get the wedding party outside before the reception in downtown Stillwater, MN. It was pretty cold, but we were able to create some great images! Much more on that in “Part Two” in a few days.

While we were setting up the dress photo, there were several snow bursts that were so heavy that we couldn’t even see that tree! Thankfully they were short-lived (as you can see, the sun even came out off and on) and the very colorful tree was indeed visible when we needed it. We would use that very location once again after Amy and Brandon’s first look to create this pretty image.

Guardian Angels wedding photos of a bride and groom in front of the large window with pretty fall colors in their background.

A pretty “indoor” fall color photo of Amy and Brandon.

The First Look and More

As you’ll see in their cute highlight music video below, Amy & Brandon’s first look was very fun and upbeat. After their first look, we took them over to the windows for their pretty “indoor” fall color wedding photos.

These two are real characters as you can see in the arm wrestling photo we captured on the altar. Right after that photo was taken, Joannie and I got to work creating Guardian Angels wedding photographs of our almost newlyweds, the wedding party, and then their family photos at the altar.

Fun Guardian Angels wedding photos of the bride and groom arm wrestling at the altar.

Brandon and Amy having a little competition on the altar before their formal wedding photos began.

The Time Has Come

It was now time for these two to get married. Brandon and Amy’s wedding ceremony had it all. Pretty music, nice readings and homily, and a few laughs in there too. In their music video, you’ll see several Guardian Angels wedding pictures of their ceremony highlights, concluding with their first kiss and our newlyweds coming up the aisle at its conclusion.

Guardian Angels wedding photos of the bride and groom's first kiss at the conclusion of their wedding ceremony.

Sealed with a kiss!

Much More To Come

We’ll have their wedding reception highlights in “Part Two” coming in a few more days, followed by another pretty one-of-a-kind light painted wedding photograph that is still in the works. In the meantime, please enjoy their music video, it’s filled with many of the Guardian Angels wedding photos leading up to their wedding ceremony.

Thank you for taking the time to read our post. Have a great one! – M&J

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